How to Add LUTs to DaVinci Resolve 18

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How to Add LUTs to DaVinci Resolve 18

If you’re new to Blackmagic’s DaVinci Resolve or color grading in general and are unaware of LUTs. This article is for you. LUT stands for Look Up Table. LUTs are color presets delivered in a small file that you can transfer from one software to another. 

Reasons to use LUTs

  • Color correct log media and footage
  • Get the best colors out of your footage
  • Achieve colors that you cannot make yourself
  • Speed up your editing process
  • Get a preview of color styles in your camera while shooting 
  • Transfer colors from one software to another

How to Add LUTs on DaVinci Resolve

There are just seven simple steps you need to keep in mind when you want to add LUTs on DaVinci Resolve:

  1. Select and Click on the Gear Icon on the bottom right of the DaVinci Resolve Software
  2. Go to and click on Color Management 
  3. Scroll down to ‘Look up Tables’ and click on ‘Open LUT Folder’
  4. Copy and Paste your LUTs here
  5. Click on ‘Update Lists’ and click ‘Save’
  6. Navigate to the color tap and click on the clip you want to apply the LUT to
  7. Right-click on the node and go to “LUTs” and find your LUT

Tip: During Step 4, Paste your LUTs into their own folder so they are easy to find and tidy.

How to Install LUTs on DaVinci Resolve

Are LUTs useful for you?

LUTs are helpful for so many different groups of people and a bunch of different professionals and editors. The number of people who use them would surprise you.

Production Houses

Though this might seem obvious to many. It could be surprising for a few to know that they’re used by high-end production houses too. The color team uses LUTs to develop a rough style or grade to apply on the director’s monitors that are on set. Allowing them to get a feel for the final film. 

Can be used by Video Editors to transfer color between softwares

LUTs are also used by video editors. LUTs help editors transfer colors from one software to another. Like from Premiere Pro to DaVinci Resolve. LUTs are quite universal and extremely intuitive to use. 


YouTubers have a steep learning curve when first starting out. LUTs help speed up their editing process. LUTs on DaVinci Resolve definitely help YouTubers with color grading and monitoring. 

Where to Download Free LUTs for DaVinci Resolve?

If this article has created further interest in LUTs for you. You can go explore some LUT packs on Bounce Color. LUTs are an amazing tool that can improve your color grading game so well. The fact that you can transfer colors between softwares makes it that much more useful. 

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