How To Export Videos from Adobe Premiere Pro in 6 Steps

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How To Export Videos from Adobe Premiere Pro in 6 Steps

If you’re here looking at this article it means you’ve figured out how to work Adobe Premiere Pro. The next question you’re probably wondering is how to export on Premiere Pro. Whether this video file is being exported for social media or for a feature film. Our export guide (geddit?) can help you figure out how to get the best out of your exporting experience on Premiere Pro.

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A Guide to Exporting a Video from Adobe Premiere Pro

Step 1: Find and Open the Export Window

Exporting a Premiere Pro file on premiere pro all starts with having to open the export window. To open the explore window, go to File > Export > Media.

When you want to export a video in Adobe Premiere Pro there are also some shortcut tips and shortcut keys you can use to access the export window. The window requires you to press the CTRL+M. For Mac, you need to press the Command key + M.

How To Export Videos from Adobe Premiere Pro in 6 Steps
Find and Open the Export Window on Premiere Pro

Always make sure before pressing these keys that you have selected the file you want to export. This will bring up your Export Settings Menu. In this menu you will select your desired presets and templates for the video file before sending it to the Encoder for exporting.

Now that you have done this make sure you have closed all the other apps you have opened, especially any Adobe applications like Photoshop or Lightroom. This is to help speed up your rendering process.

Step 2: Choose your Sequence and Export Settings

To export a video file in premiere pro requires you to think about where this video will be delivered, and how it’ll be viewed whether it’s on social media platforms.

When you’re thinking of how the video file is going to be delivered, think about whether you’re uploading this to Vimeo or YouTube. Compressing the files to send the video file quickly to a client of yours online. Or if you’re exporting a high-quality video file for a presentation.

The premiere pro delivery destination is essential in deciding what settings you need to choose. Premiere Pro comes with a bunch of useful presets that you can choose from depending on your needs. Media Encoder also provides useful presets. These preset(s) make it easier to choose export settings to export your file.

If custom settings are not for you and you want to export each of your videos in a specific setting of your sequence, you have a check box panel on the top left corner of the export settings that you can click to Match Sequence Settings or Match Source. Selecting this will change your export settings dialogue to match your sequence settings exactly.

How To Export Videos from Adobe Premiere Pro in 6 Steps
Choose your Sequence and Export Settings on Premiere Pro

Matching your settings to the sequence, however, can sometimes prove problematic as most delivery destinations require codecs apart from your intermediate code or standard editing.

A great tip to remember before you go to render is to always double-check everything.

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Step 3: Understand which Platform you will be Exporting to

Premiere Pro has presets for both Vimeo and YouTube that allows you to export your project in the best-recommended settings for both.

How To Export Videos from Adobe Premiere Pro in 6 Steps
Understand which Platform you will be Exporting to on Premiere Pro

Though these presets are helpful, it’s always better to export with custom settings. The custom settings allows your files to have universality and allows you to upload your project to Vimeo or any other place for media you like.

Step 4: Select a Format and Codec

For web playback, the best setting is the H.264 codec. This is the most common codec for video exports throughout premiere pro. For about 90% of your exports, you’ll be using the H.264 codec.

How To Export Videos from Adobe Premiere Pro in 6 Steps
Select Format and Codec on Premiere Pro

Make sure to choose a preset that matches your sequence and your desired output. Also, make sure your frame rate matches your frame rate in sequence settings.

Step 5: Perfect your Settings and Modify your Bitrate

Select the output name you want to make your exported video file unique. Make sure that your Export Audio and Export Video have been checked and double-checked so that your file has both audio and video.

If you’re experienced with Premiere Pro and its export options and settings you can choose to customize your settings to cater to your needs. Selecting the Render at Maximum Depth option will ensure that when exporting premiere pro the export happens cleanly and with extra care.

Your bitrate settings are where the bitrate decides how big you want your file size to be. Now the direct relation between the bitrate and the size makes it simple to understand that if you want a big file you have a big bitrate. Similarly, if you want a small media file project size you need to use a small bitrate size. For your final copy always use a high bitrate on Premiere Pro to ensure quality.

Step 6: Complete your Export in Media Encoder or Premiere

You can now choose between two options on Premiere Pro. The first option you can select is Export and the other is Queue. If you choose Queue Premiere Pro will send your file to the Media Encoder with your sequence added to the queue.

How To Export Videos from Adobe Premiere Pro in 6 Steps
Export or Queue on Premiere Pro

Then all you need to do is to press the play button at the top to start the export. Doing this through the queue will allow you to continue working on Pro Adobe Premiere while the Encoder exports on the backend. Export does not allow you to continue working.

Here’s a video you can watch that will take you through the process mentioned above

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