TikTok Influencer Starter Pack: Gadget Edition

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TikTok Influencer Starter Pack: Gadget Edition

Do you ever wonder how influencers make such good looking videos that get thousands of likes and views? Of course, content is king. But there’s also production value, aesthetic and quality.

Ring Light

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of the video. The way the light hits the subject can change the entire look and feel of your video. Nearly all TikTok influencers use a ring light. It disperses the light all around your set instead of transmitting it smack into your face. Positioning your camera at the centre of the ring also helps you get a well-lit shot. There are 10-inch ring lights and 18-inch ones. The former is a selfie ring light and is mainly used to illuminate your face because as Rihanna once said, you’ve got to ‘shine bright like a diamond’. The latter can easily light up a mid-sized room.

Ring Light


If you’re serious about your TikToks or Reels, you’d want to get a phone tripod. Best used along with the ring light. You don’t want to keep finding something to keep your phone against every time you want to shoot a hands-free video. No shaky videos, no motion blurs. Invest in a tripod and you’d get a good, stabilized shot effortlessly.

Tripod for Phone


Your phone may have a decent mic but if you’re making one of those videos that have a lot of talking, pitch in for a good microphone setup. Of course, it’s almost mandatory for you to caption your text to reach a larger audience but you can’t go wrong by giving them the option to listen attentively instead. The Lavalier lapel microphone is a good option.

Lavalier Microphone


The setting and backdrop can be a good indicator of the difference between a good video and a great video. Very often you see influencers that have a whole aesthetic going on in the background. It not only trademarks the individual but also appeals to the audience without them knowing it. For example, Basement Gang has a light pink aesthetic and the trademark neon sign in their videos that just attracts their followers.

TikTok Aesthetic

There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes of being a TikTok influencer. These important suggestions should help you get to a place of notoriety on the platform. Can’t wait to see you pop up on my TikTok feed soon.

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