we're not slow

lag is the enemy of progress

we're not bland

it’s creativity’s cardinal sin

we're not unfair

balancing the scales of opportunity

we're not ordinary

daring to be different

we're not unreliable

trustworthy tools, trusted talent

we're not a lone-wolf

collaboration fuels us

we’re not suboptimal

art can be messy, but tech, optimal

we're not afraid to experiment

fearlessly inventive

our mission

To build an inclusive community and an accessible, affordable platform where creators can create, edit, inspire, and grow.

our vision

To make every creator a pro!

Our Mission & Vision

our story

We have, like most creators, cursed, cried, and contemplated quitting every time a render failed or every time we saw that Error: Crash message. We’ve had to shell out money to keep upgrading our systems and run back to the setup to render the tiniest of changes. As content owners and distributors, we’ve often struggled with project planning, team management, content security, and frequent scaling based on project requirements. We’ve juggled so many chaotic communication channels and have had to unknot several threads over the course of some lengthy projects. We’ve been through the grind and we thought… no more!

meet our founders

  • Harish Prabhu

    Harish Prabhu


    Starting off as an editor to establishing his own ventures over a course of 25+ years, Harish knows the M&E tech industry like the back of his hand. He sees vast untapped potential in post-production tech. Founding Postudio, his aim is to address challenges and shape a more creator-friendly future.


    • Postudio

      Co-founder, 2022

    • Desynova

      Co-founder, 2017

    • Hotstar

      VP-Product & Tech, 2014

    • Star TV

      VP-Broadcast Tech, 2010


    Known in the office for his curly, salt-and-pepper hair. Harish’s favorite director is Christopher Nolan.


    • Product Head

      Product Head

    • Film Editing

      Film Editing

    • Bollywood


    • Post-Production Supervisor

      Post-Production Supervisor


    “Mastering simplicity sometimes poses the greatest challenge.”


  • Dhawal Gusain

    Dhawal Gusain


    With 15+ years of managerial and leadership experience across a multitude of functions & sectors in India and the US, Dhawal is a true generalist. In today’s cost-sensitive and remote work environment, Dhawal strongly believes the post-production market needs a solution like Postudio more than ever before.


    • Postudio

      Co-founder, 2023

    • Disney+Hotstar

      EVP, 2021

    • TVF

      CEO & COO, 2015

    • DropThought, Booz & HUL



    Dhawal is a voracious consumer of content and considers Memento one of the best-edited movies of all time.


    • Business Head

      Business Head

    • Management


    • Strategy Consulting

      Strategy Consulting

    • Business Development

      Business Development


    “For great inventions to see fruition, one needs three things: a good idea, smooth execution, and the best timing.”


the million-dollar question

why is our logo upside down?

Postudio: Design, Create, & Edit Videos Online

We let the logo sit upside-down to represent the current topsy-turvy nature of the industry. Something we heartily intend to fix. If you’re struggling to read our logo, may we remind you, you’re struggling with the limitations and frustrations of post-production the same way. We intentionally flipped it so you can visibly see the age-old (and totally fixable) issues you’re tolerating. Yes, we’re very in-the-face like that. An added bonus is that it makes one stop, stare and figure out the logo, which gives us a few extra seconds of attention.

Before we fix it in post, we need to fix post itself. And that’s what we’re doing with Postudio. The name, by the way, is simply a condensed form of ‘post studio’. We optimized it the same way we aim to optimize the unorganized industry.

Millon Dollar Question

We believe cloud post-production is the future, it’s going to be the norm. That said, post will soon be synonymous with Postudio, and consequently the aim is for the colloquial “fix it in post” to become “fix it in Postudio”.


awards & nominations

our trophy shelf (so far)

  • Asia-Pacific Broadcasting+ Awards 2023

    Asia-Pacific Broadcasting+ Awards 2023

    Innovation Award for Use of Cloud - India

  • Afaqs


    Outstanding Consumer Experience

  • VideoTech Awards Nomination

    VideoTech Awards Nomination

    2023 VideoTech Innovation Awards

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