The Art Scene.

case study:The Art Scene.

a seamless post-production experience

  • 8global teams

    From Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Cochin, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, and London. Different time zones, different people, and one post-production platform.

  • 18TB media uploads

    The footage for all 13 episodes was shot in 4k and uploaded to Postudio. It was shot with S Log3 on a Sony FX3 camera.

  • 1.9kcloud sessions

    That’s 1.9k cloud sessions collectively from a team of 25. Cloud sessions where Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve were launched on Postudio’s Lux and Ultra configurations to support the 4k footage.

  • 841review activities

    That’s how many comments, annotations, and replies went back and forth. 841 messages between (4-5) teams. But just one convenient communication channel to keep it smooth.

the art scene was created across 8 different regions completely online and on-demand. here’s how:

produced by @creativestew, aired on Mediacorp Channel 5

  • the challenge

    'The Art Scene' is a captivating 13-part docuseries celebrating the diverse art forms of Singapore. While the filming took place in the heart of Singapore, the intricate post-production process was distributed across 8 different locations. Facing the constraints of a modest budget, the team needed to seek out cost-effective regions for outsourcing their post-production tasks.

    With team members scattered across these various locations, the primary challenge revolved around bridging geographical divides and fostering seamless collaboration. The mission was to minimize the communication gap and establish a streamlined channel for the team to harmoniously work together. Achieving a shared vision and effective coordination was anything but straightforward, but it was a challenge that our team was determined to conquer.

  • the solution

    We introduced the team to Postudio, not only to address their significant collaboration challenges but also to provide them with a more versatile and accessible way of working. The production team seamlessly uploaded their high-resolution 4k footage from Singapore, making it readily available for the post-production team to assemble, organize and create.

    Postudio's centralized storage solution granted the entire team effortless access to these valuable assets. Simultaneously, the Review & Approval system empowered team members to share insights, exchange feedback, and align their creative vision effectively.

    Furthermore, Postudio offered the team the option to work with their 'shot on 4k' footage on a cloud-based system. Whether they required the power of Premiere Pro or DaVinci, whether on a 32GB system or a 128GB one, we provided a dynamic platform that allowed them to request resources as needed, for the duration as they required.

    The result? A no-latency performance system was delivered to them whether it was for editing, grading or graphics, whether they were working from cafes or couches, on big, heavy setups or basic laptops

  • the results

    The outcome was an impeccable 13-episode series, one that the entire team could genuinely take pride in. Regardless of the time zones that separated them, the team effortlessly came together to collaborate on this project. Their communication flowed seamlessly, and their workflow was fine-tuned to perfection.

    With Postudio they were able to cut down on quite a few expenses such as hardware upgrades, storage etc. Despite the shoestring budget, the platform's flexibility allowed for resource optimization and allocation, making it an invaluable asset to the project's success.

  • Abid Hussain

    the director

    Postudio was not just a tool; it was our silent partner, a flawless technical marvel that made 'The Art Scene' possible. To anyone from the industry reading this, I fully recommend booking a demo with Postudio and testing it out for yourself.

    - Abid Hussain, Director

  • Ajit Ahuja

    the creative supervisor

    This platform wasn’t just our editing suite; it was our virtual meeting room, our coffee shop chat, and our 24/7 creative hub. In a world where another lockdown is always a possibility, going remote with Postudio wasn’t just smart—it was a game-changer.

    - Ajit Ahuja, Creative Post Supervisor

  • Riteish Saigal

    the editing supervisor

    With its cloud elasticity it scaled up our hardware and software instantly whenever we needed it. When we required more editors Postudio made it a breeze to expand our team across India. Postudio was our steadfast ally from the first frame to the last.

    - Riteish Saigal, Editing Supervisor

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