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Postudio is an online, on-demand post-production suite integrated with all the professional, creative tools you need to create, edit and innovate. It runs on the cloud, so it is at all times accessible, scalable and collaborative.

Anyone with an idea in their head and a core skill up their sleeves. Postudio is built for artists, designers, editors, and creators. Whether you work independently, in collaboration with others, or as part of a fairly large team in a business setting, Postudio is a professional creative suite that caters to all.

When you request an on-demand system, Postudio acknowledges that request and starts preparing a cloud environment for you. That includes hardware, software, apps, and storage. This cloud environment is then ready for you to use via your browser over a secured connecting protocol.

An internet connection and a browser are all you need. We take care of the rest. Hardware, software, storage, and plugins are on us.

No. You don’t need any active subscriptions. Postudio takes care of it with temporary licenses whenever you want to work on a project.

Take a look at the Postudio Features for the available applications and their best use.

That’s the best part! Your system needs to have the minimum requirements to run the Chrome browser. Everything else is on us.

A Mac OS (10.10.5) or Windows 10 (64 bit) is the go-to. However, the cloud editing system is a Windows environment. Don’t worry though if you’re used to a Mac, you can still use the same shortcuts. You’d only have to get used to a PC interface.

Very. Your assets are all safe on Postudio. The data doesn’t leave your sight without your consent. We use one of the strongest block ciphers available (AES-256) to encrypt said data. It’s all state-of-the-art technology here.

What Postudio brings to the table is the ability to create on the cloud without downloading or installing anything onto your hardware. Not only can you share files and collaborate with teammates, but you can also launch applications such as Premiere Pro, Cinema4d, etc., on the cloud and work online.

Yes, as long as you have a steady internet connection.

All you’ve to do is create a project and invite your team members as collaborators. Additionally, you can also invite freelancers to assist with specific tasks. Once you assign them tasks and permissions, they can each start requesting slots for a system at their own time and start working.

Yes. If they aren’t already signed up, you can always send them an invite while adding them to the project.

Yes. We’ve built the platform in a way that each team member can request time on a system whenever they want to and get their work done in their own time slot.

Yes, but only under the supervision of the project creator. However, they will only be able to preview it. The file won’t be downloadable in order to keep the content secure.

We provide a scalable cloud environment which comes very handy considering enterprises usually work with everchanging project needs in a highly collaborative setting.

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