Why Video should be an essential part of your Content Strategy

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Why Video should be an essential part of your Content Strategy

With so many platforms to assist you in churning out video content, there’s no excuse today to leave that arrow out of your quiver. And there shouldn’t be because it is to this day the most enticing type of content on the Internet. Videos bring in the most views and likes, they ignite conversations and induce shares. In this piece, we list six reasons why you should start strategizing your video content now!

People are too lazy to read

We’re living in a world where “What are you watching these days?” is small talk. Whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing, people like to read less and watch more. (That said, I’m feeling slightly demotivated to continue writing this blog, but I need to get paid, so here goes). Video content comprises of text, graphics, audio and of course, video. It’s a neat combination of various elements put together to attract human attention. The brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text, and the eyes are automatically attracted to motion. Videos are more engaging and prominent which is next to vital in the metaverse.

Why Video should be an essential part of your Content Strategy
People Watching Videos

Repurposing is a piece of cake

Video can be used in many different ways to reach a broad range of audiences. While the video itself can be the main asset, its clips and freeze frames can be used as promos, posts, thumbnails, gifs and images.

Videos are imprinted in the brain

Video content is more memorable when compared to text. It’s not rare finding yourself reading a book and then realizing you haven’t digested any of the content, but when it comes to videos, your brain is taking it in. Even if you’re not fully focussed there are elements of it that you’re processing. They help you gather all the information in front of you and tie it together which is better for branding purposes. To this day, it’s not difficult to recollect Center Fresh’s Zuban Pe Lagaam Report Card ad which says something about good video content’s long-lasting impact.

Videos come in many forms

From Instagram stories to Netflix documentaries, there are multiple ways to strategize your video content. Some brands use influencers to promote their products via TikToks and Reels, others make movies as marketing campaigns. The Lego Movie earned $69 million in revenue and propagated an 11% boost in lego sales. If you’re trying to set a tone and send a message across via video, there are too many ways to do it. Whether it’s a stop motion tutorial or a motivational ad, when executed well, it stays in the minds of people rent-free.

Lego Movie

Videos have better reach

Video content increases engagement. They’re more likely to get you comments, likes and shares. People love spreading and sharing content online whether it’s through WhatsApp forwards or Instagram DMs. Videos get 1200% more engagement than textual content. When they’re strung with well thought out hooks and dallied with good plotlines, even 15 seconds of video will do better than what a carefully researched essay might achieve. For example, if you were promoting a holiday package, you wouldn’t post a brochure. That would be used later on for informational purposes once you’ve already baited the customer. But to market it in the first place, you’d rather take them through an enchanting journey via video. That’s more likely to reach your audience better.

Videos are easy to make

There are so many tools out there, free and paid, to make appealing, inspiring videos. From mobile-friendly apps like InShot to pro software like Premiere Pro, technology has made it very convenient to make video content. Depending on the platform and purpose you might want to use a different toolkit. For example, if you’re making a miniseries for Netflix, you best be using the most professional-grade tools available but if it’s a fifteen second TikTok you might as well just use TikTok!

Why Video should be an essential part of your Content Strategy
Video Editing

There are multiple platforms today to help you stitch that video and make your story compelling. Postud.io (pronounced Postudio) is one such platform offering you a whole suite of tools to work on the complete range of creative content, from colour grading to VFX and everything in between. The best part is, you only pay for what you use. No extra license fee, no heavy downloads and minimal hardware dependencies. And it’s online! For you to use it any time and anywhere you want.

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