6 Adobe Illustrator Alternatives You Shouldn’t Miss in 2023

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6 Adobe Illustrator Alternatives You Shouldn’t Miss in 2023

If you want to avoid paying for an Adobe subscription, the finest Illustrator alternatives are definitely worth taking into consideration. Although there are alternatives, Illustrator, a component of Adobe’s Creative Cloud product, continues to be the industry standard for vector graphics tools.

Our list will get you started on your journey of using Illustrator alternatives, whether you simply fancy learning to work with a new interface or don’t want to pay for CC. To compare the tools, our reviewers put them to the test. We also considered input from other designers as we evaluated each program’s feature set, adaptability, usability, and resource usage.

6 Adobe Illustrator Alternatives in 2023

  1. Postudio
  2. Sketch
  3. Affinity Designer
  4. CorelDRAW
  5. Gravit Designer
  6. Inkscape


Postudio, while not an alternative to Adobe Illustrator, does provide Illustrator at a price that isn’t going to break your bank. It is an on-demand, online, cloud-based solution. It’s a solution provided by creators for creators. 

It has the best post-production software, provided to you with top-notch security. It only requires a browser and a good internet connection. You can collaborate with your teammates from anywhere in the world. 

Reasons to Buy:

  • On-Demand Environment
  • Latest Hardware Configurations
  • Centralized Storage
  • Only an internet connection and browser required
  • Highest-grade security
  • Collaborate globally
  • Easy asset management
  • Project Control and Analytics

Reasons to Skip:

  • No reason to skip


Sketch is a vector-based graphics program for Mac OS X by Bohemian Coding. Used to create digital designs, illustrations, and mockups for websites, apps, and other digital products. 

Its features include a fully vector-based workflow, symbol support, shared styles and components, non-destructive boolean operations, code export, and a layer list to organize content.

Reasons to Buy:

  •  Vector-based workflow
  •  Symbol support
  •  Shared styles and components
  •  Non-destructive boolean operations
  •  Code export
  •  Layer list to organize content

Reasons to Skip:

  •  Mac OS X only
  •  Limited ability to work with raster images
  •  Limited text editing options
  •  No automatic alignment tools

Sketch is best for experienced designers and experts in vector design.

Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer is a vector graphics software for professional designers. It is part of the Affinity suite of apps and is available on both Mac and Windows platforms. Affinity Designer offers an intuitive workflow with a minimal learning curve. 

It features professional-level tools such as a pen tool, node editing, text tools, vector brushes, shape tools, and more. It also comes with support for working with color palettes, grids and guides, custom swatches, and live effects.

Reasons to Buy:

  •  Professional-level tools
  •  Easy to learn with a minimal learning curve
  •  Support for working with color palettes, grids and guides, custom swatches, and live effects
  •  Supports Mac and Windows

Reasons to Skip:

  •  Limited text formatting options
  •  No symbols library

Affinity Designer is great for both beginners and experts alike.


CorelDRAW is a comprehensive vector graphics program designed for professionals in the design, layout and illustration industries. It allows users to create everything from logos and branding to web graphics, illustrations, technical diagrams and more. 

CorelDRAW’s array of powerful tools and features give designers the freedom to express their creativity.

Reasons to buy:

  •  Robust graphic design capabilities
  •  Comprehensive vector drawing capabilities
  •  Over 500 OpenType fonts available
  •  Compatible with Windows, Mac and other popular file formats
  •  Easy-to-use interface
  •  Easily export to web or print
  •  Professional photo editing capabilities

Reasons to skip:

  •  Costlier than other programs on this list
  •  Not ideal for creating icons or user interfaces
  •  Limited access to certain premium tools

CorelDRAW is best for experienced graphic designers.

Gravit Designer

Gravit Designer is a vector graphics editor that runs both in the browser and as a desktop application. It offers a comprehensive suite of design tools for creating logos, illustrations, UI/UX designs, typography, and more. 

Features include full layers, a wide selection of shapes and path tools, unlimited artboards, a library of gradients and textures, support for both SVG and raster images, and powerful text editing capabilities.

Reasons to Buy:

  •  Easy to use and learn
  •  Sleek user interface
  •  Cloud-based with auto-saving features
  •  Wide range of features at an affordable price
  •  Regular updates and improvements

Reasons to Skip:

  •  Not as powerful as some other design programs
  •  Limited customization options
  •  No scripting or programming capabilities

Gravit Designer is perfect for both beginners and experts looking for an easy-to-use vector graphics editor.


Inkscape is a free vector graphics editor with capabilities similar to those of Adobe Illustrator. It has a user-friendly interface and advanced features, making it ideal for both experienced and novice users. With Inkscape, you can create illustrations, logos, diagrams, maps, and more.

Reasons to Buy:

  •  Free to download and use
  •  Has powerful vector editing tools
  •  Has a large collection of community-developed extensions
  •  Compatible with multiple file formats
  •  User-friendly interface

Reasons to Skip:

  •  Limited support for web design
  •  No automatic alignment of objects
  •  Performance slows down when working with complex objects

Inkscape is for both beginners and experts.

Looking to use Illustrator at an Affordable Price?

Postudio isn’t some alternative to Adobe Illustrator. Instead, it offers you Illustrator along with other amazing software at an economical price. There’s a reason why it’s listed as our no.1 Adobe Illustrator alternative. We promise, there’s no bias involved. It’s simply the best solution to all your post-production needs.


What is the closest thing to Adobe Illustrator?

The closest thing to Adobe Illustrator would be to use Adobe Illustrator on Postudio at a more affordable price.

Is there a free version of Illustrator?

Adobe does provide a seven-day free trial of Adobe Illustrator.

Is Gimp as good as Illustrator?

Although GIMP is a very functional image editor, it lacks a lot of refinement and user experience advantages that you receive in other programmes. Although GIMP is a very functional image editor, it doesn’t have as much polish or user-experience advantages as Illustrator. 

Which app is better than Adobe Illustrator?

While there are many alternatives out there. Adobe Illustrator still is considered the best and is an industry favorite.

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