Avid Media Composer Keeps Crashing? (5 Fixes that Work in 2023)

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Avid Media Composer Keeps Crashing? (5 Fixes that Work in 2023)

With Avid Media Composer, you can work faster, collaborate in real-time, and manage media more efficiently, focusing on telling a great story and delivering projects on time. However, encountering issues while editing is common. If your Media Composer software is frequently crashing, these five fixes can help to fix it.

Why does Avid Media Composer keep Crashing?

Plugin Incompatibilities

Old or new plugins can cause Avid to crash. Typically, an incompatibility of Avid with the version of the plugin leads to it crashing.

Outdated Graphics Driver

In most cases, an outdated graphics driver is the main culprit behind Avid crashing. Nvidia, AMD, and Intel keep updating their graphics drivers, fixing bugs in the last version of the graphics driver, and enhancing performance.

Check for Software Updates

The frequent Avid crashes could be because the program is overdue for a software update. 

Un-Verified Fonts

Avid Media Composer can crash if fonts are either duplicated/aren’t validated. It is essential for a user to verify fonts. 

System below Minimum Requirements

The problem might arise if the user’s computer lacks the necessary hardware to run Avid Media Composer smoothly. 

Currently, the recommended specifications are:

5 Fixes To Try When Avid Media Composer Keeps Crashing

Deleting FatalErrorReports

Steps to Delete FataErrorReports:

  1. In your file explorer, go to Users
  2. Click on Shared > AvidMediaComposer > Avid FatalErrorReports

Deleting FatalErrorReports files can help to fix Avid Media Composer crashing. 

Moving the AVX2 Plugins Folder to the Desktop

Steps to Move the AVX2 Folder:

  1. Go to Program Files > Avid > Avid Media Composer > AVX2 Plugins

Move the AVX2 Plugins to the desktop and then try to launch Media Composer. This should prevent the application from crashing. 

Cleaning Out Your Avid Attic

The Avid Attic folder contains backup files of each bin in a project. Files can be retrieved from the Attic if you want to replace current changes to a sequence or clip with a previous version. However, not cleaning out the Attic could lead to Avid Media Composer crashing.

Validating Fonts

Duplicated Fonts can lead to Avid Media Composer crashing. 

Steps to Validate Fonts:

  1. Choose Applications > Font Book.
  2. Choose All Fonts in the left column.
  3. Select the top-most font in the Font column and press Ctrl+A to select all the fonts.
  4. Choose File > Validate Fonts.
  5. Click the checkbox next to any damaged or duplicate fonts and click Removed Checked.

Update Avid Media Composer

If none of the fixes work, try updating/reinstalling Avid Media Composer. It eliminates glitches and bugs with new updates to create a user-friendly experience.


Like any other editing software, Avid Media Composer is not always reliable. Issues like application crashes will inevitably arise. These troubleshooting techniques can help to solve the problems and continue your editing work. Or, If you’re looking to use other post-production tools and want to pay only for the time you use, head to Postudio and find all the popular post-production tools you need.

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