8 Best Adobe After Effects Transitions to Upgrade your Videos

Zacharia S
Zacharia S

10 Nov 2022

6 min read

8 Best Adobe After Effects Transitions to Upgrade your Videos


Good transitions can make or break your videos. Adobe After Effects is used to make motion graphics and special effects for presentations, internet content, and video. Adding transitions to these works of art will make them that much more engaging. 

With the help of After Effects, you can create whatever look you like, whether you prefer to keep it basic with a few wipes or want to dominate the frame with ink-like effects.

Although After Effects gives you the option to create your own transitions, using creative transition presets and customizing them to match your project properly is the simplest approach to using After Effects transitions. There is a preset available for practically every project, many of them free or inexpensive, ranging from bokeh transitions to clean transitions.


8 Amazing Adobe After Effects Transitions

After a good search of the internet and asking professionals their favorite Adobe After Effects transitions available. We’ve compiled a list of 8 amazing Adobe After Effects Transitions

1. Ink Transitions

The effect of dripping ink revealing the next clip has long been a top choice of travel vloggers and videographer reels because it adds texture and interest to your content.

Ink Transitions

2. Video Glitch Transitions

These Video Glitch Transitions are always useful to make your video look edgy and cool. The glitch effect is easily recognized because it is commonly used in sci-fi and futuristic videos. They’re great to add to a wide range of videos.

Video Glitch Transitions

3. Liquid Transitions

Smooth, swirly liquid transitions are ideal for everything from travel to business videos to sports to advertising. Liquid transitions are one of the most popular video editing effects. The transitions create a lovely effect that gives the impression of movement.

Liquid Transitions

4. Logo Transitions

Ideal for corporate videos or any project where you want bespoke branding to flash across the screen frequently. Between each clip, logo transitions let you flash a company logo or unique text graphics.

Logo Transitions

5. Comic Transition

With entertaining comic book transitions, you can give your action projects the look of a vintage superhero. It’s a great way of adding a bit of fun and color to your work.

Comic Transitions

6. Bokeh Effect Transitions

When switching between shots, bokeh transitions cover the screen with gorgeous out-of-focus light patterns. It works with After Effects CS5 or later and doesn’t require any other plugins.

Bokeh Transitions

7. Unfold Transitions

This transition allows you to fold and unfold your images like sheets of paper, making it a flexible 3D transition that you can apply to a wide variety of projects.

Unfold Transitions

8. Clean Transitions

The Clean Transitions Pack successfully balances traditional, basic transitions with a little bit of creativity. Compared to your editor’s built-in transitions, these are nice enough to be used in a business video and offer a much more interesting way to transition between scenes.

Clean Transitions

The Best Way to Use Preset Transitions in Your Project

  • Step 1: Launch After Effects and open your project.
  • Step 2: Pick the layer to which you wish to apply the effect.
  • Step 3: Open the panel labeled “Effects and Presets.”
  • Step 4: Go to the User Presets folder.
  • Step 5: Double-click the preset you want to use after choosing it.

Voila! Now that your preset has been applied to the layer you’ve chosen, you may edit and adjust it to get it just right for your project.

Final Thoughts

Transitions give your video projects a polished, professional look and can also be a lot of fun to play with and edit.  Adobe After Effects gives you the ability to edit every aspect of your animations until they are precisely how you want them, whether you decide to make your own transitions or utilize presets.

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