The 8 Best Animation Softwares for Beginners & Pros in 2024

Zacharia S
Zacharia S

25 Jan 2024

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The 8 Best Animation Softwares for Beginners & Pros in 2024


As we have moved into 2024, we will explore the top 8 animation software programs to suit all abilities, from newbies to veterans. From 3D to 2D animation, VFX to motion graphics, these packages contain everything required to generate exceptional animation. Consequently, let us investigate the top 8 animation softwares of the coming year!

The best animation software will help you stand out and bring your ideas to life. With so many applications and animation types available, it can be difficult to select one that is appropriate for your needs. As a result, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced animator looking to improve your workflow, our handy list below will assist you in selecting the best software.

It’s important to remember that when choosing the best animation software, you should consider the variety of tools, exporting options, and ease-of-use with other programmes if you’ll be working with multiple apps. Because each software has a unique interface and tool suite, it’s critical to do your homework before downloading.


8 Best Animation Softwares in 2024

  1. Postudio
  2. Autodesk Maya
  3. Blender
  4. Toon Boom Harmony
  5. TVPaint
  6. Adobe After Effects
  7. Autodesk 3DS Max
  8. Cinema 4D
  9. Krita

These softwares offer something for everyone, whether you’re an expert or a beginner. Here are the top 8 animation software programs in 2024.


Postudio is the one-click stop for anyone in animation and post-production. It is a safe, secure, and cloud-based platform. Enabling online access to every step of your creative process. You only pay for what you really use. If you’re looking to use Indesign for two hours you only pay for those two hours. 

Postudio can handle everything from color-grading to editing and animation.

Pros of Postudio:

  • Postudio is completely online and available on demand.
  • No significant upfront expenses
  • Only what you use is charged
  • Cheaper Alternative Provides all the tools that creators love.
  • When necessary, you can switch between tools.
  • Secured Space
  • Possesses a practical Review & Approval system for easy communication
  • Live collaboration tools that let you work alongside coworkers at once
  • Centralized shared storage where users may add, view, and modify assets

Cons of Postudio:

  • No Reason to skip

Autodesk Maya

The 3D animation software of choice for many professional animators, Autodesk Maya has earned its place as one of the best animation softwares in the world. With its powerful tools and user-friendly interface, it has become the go-to software for creating high-quality 3D models, animations, and visual effects.

Autodesk Maya provides a complete set of advanced tools to make stunning 3D animations, from modeling, rigging, animation, effects, simulation, and compositing. It’s used in feature films and television shows, making it an essential tool for aspiring animators.

Pros of Autodesk Maya:

  •  Intuitive user interface
  •  Advanced rigging and animation tools
  •  Supports a wide range of industry-standard file formats
  •  Comprehensive 3D modeling tools
  •  Extensive effects library
  •  Integration with other Autodesk products

Cons of Autodesk Maya:

  •  The learning curve is steep
  •  Rendering can be slow
  •  Expensive pricing plan

Autodesk Maya is best suited for professionals and experienced animators who need to produce top-quality 3D animations quickly and efficiently. With its wide range of features and support for industry-standard file formats, it’s ideal for filmmakers, game developers, and anyone else looking to create stunning 3D visuals.


If you’re a 3D artist, Blender is the software for you! Blender is an open-source 3D animation suite that is entirely free to use. It has become extremely popular in recent years due to its ease of use and wide range of powerful features.

Blender is a cross-platform 3D animation software package that can be used to create and render computer graphics, as well as to design video games and interactive applications. It is available for all major operating systems including Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. 

Blender includes a wide range of features, including a node-based material system, advanced particle and fluid simulation, motion tracking, and character rigging.

Pros of Blender:

  •  User-friendly interface and easy to learn
  •  Powerful modeling, texturing, rigging, animation, simulation, and rendering tools
  •  Variety of tools for designing video games and interactive applications
  •  Node-based material system for easier creation of complex textures
  •  Includes motion tracking and character rigging
  •  Ability to render images in high resolution

Cons of Blender:

  •  Lack of commercial support for Blender
  •  Blender’s UI can be confusing for some users
  •  Documentation can be difficult to understand
  •  Rendering can be slow on lower-end computers

Blender is a great choice for 3D artists who want an easy-to-use, powerful animation suite that won’t cost them anything. 

It is suitable for both beginners and experienced professionals alike. Blender is also an excellent choice for creating video games and interactive applications.

Toon Boom Harmony

Toon Boom Harmony is the perfect software for anyone looking to get creative with their animation. This powerful tool is a great way to create stunning visuals in 2D and 3D animation, as well as special effects. 

Toon Boom Harmony has been used by some of the biggest names in the business, including Disney, Nickelodeon, and Cartoon Network.

Toon Boom Harmony offers an array of features for both professional and hobbyist animators. It allows users to draw, animate, and composite scenes in both traditional and digital formats. 

The software supports up to 8K resolution and offers a variety of tools, such as pencils, brushes, layers, brushes, animation tools, and more.

Pros of Toon Boom Harmony:

  •  Easy to learn
  •  Wide range of features
  •  Powerful animation tools
  •  Variety of drawing and painting tools
  •  Comprehensive help guides

Cons of Toon Boom Harmony:

  •  Can be expensive
  •  Not ideal for beginners
  •  Limited import and export options
  •  Limited support for other programs

Toon Boom Harmony is best suited for experienced animators who are familiar with traditional and digital animation techniques. It is also recommended for professionals working in the film, television, video game, and advertising industries. 

For those who are just starting in the world of animation, however, it may be best to start with simpler software such as Blender or Krita before diving into Toon Boom Harmony.


TVPaint is the perfect animation software for anyone who loves drawing, whether you’re a professional artist or just starting. This versatile program allows you to create traditional frame-by-frame animations, as well as 3D animations and character rigs. 

With its intuitive interface and easy-to-use tools, it’s no wonder that this animation software is one of the most popular out there. TVPaint is available for both Mac and Windows computers and comes with 64-bit support and RAM optimization. 

It also supports vector animation, masking, 3D particle effects, and multi-track audio editing. Additionally, it features layers, color palettes, gradient maps, and an extensive library of customizable textures.

Pros of TVPaint:

  •  Comprehensive animation toolset
  •  User-friendly interface
  •  High-level customization options
  •  Compatible with many popular file formats
  •  Support for traditional frame-by-frame animation
  •  Multi-track audio editing capabilities

Cons of TVPaint:

  •  Pricey compared to other animation software
  •  Somewhat limited support for 3D animation
  •  Some tools are too complex for beginner users

TVPaint is an excellent choice for experienced animators who want to take their projects to the next level. Its powerful features and customizable tools give artists the freedom to create detailed and professional animations. 

Additionally, TVPaint is perfect for anyone who wants to create realistic 3D animations or character rigs.

Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects has been a go-to tool for motion graphics and animation for many years. With powerful features, intuitive workflows, and amazing performance, it has earned its place as one of the top animation softwares. 

Whether you’re a professional or just getting started with animation, Adobe After Effects can help you create amazing visuals. Adobe After Effects is an industry-standard animation software that allows you to create stunning visuals and animations with ease. 

It includes a vast array of tools, effects, and presets to help you create everything from basic motion graphics to complex 3D animations. You can also import artwork from other programs and quickly bring them to life with motion graphics, visual effects, and compositing tools.

Pros of Adobe After Effects:

  •  Robust set of features for creating amazing visuals
  •  Easy-to-use interface and workflow
  •  A wide range of effects and presets to help you get creative
  •  Ability to import artwork from other programs
  •  High performance and speed
  •  Multi-platform support

Cons of Adobe After Effects:

  •  Complex learning curve
  •  Requires a lot of RAM
  •  Expensive compared to other animation softwares

Adobe After Effects is recommended for professional animators, motion graphics artists, and visual effects professionals who need high-end animation capabilities. 

It’s also great for hobbyists and students who are looking for more comprehensive animation software.

Autodesk 3ds Max

Autodesk 3ds Max is the industry standard for professional-level 3D animation software. With a wide range of powerful tools, 3ds Max enables users to create 3D models, animations, simulations, and visual effects for a variety of industries, such as games, film, and television. It’s highly versatile and can handle both small-scale projects and large-scale projects.

Pros of Autodesk 3ds Max:

  •  Platforms Supported: Windows, macOS
  •  Price: $1,545 (Perpetual License)
  •  File formats supported: FBX, OBJ, DWG/DXF, STL
  •  Rendering Engine: Arnold Renderer
  •  Highly versatile, with a wide range of tools
  •  Easy to learn
  •  Robust rendering engine
  •  Powerful animation and rigging tools
  •  Supports FBX, OBJ, DWG/DXF, and STL formats
  •  Affordable license options
  •  Free student and teacher edition

Cons of Autodesk 3ds Max:

  •  Steep learning curve
  •  Expensive compared to other 3D programs
  •  Windows only for the student and teacher editions

Autodesk 3ds Max is ideal for professional animators and artists who need to create high-quality 3D models and animations. It’s also great for those looking to do advanced rendering and simulation work.

Cinema 4D

If you’re looking for software that will help you create stunning animations, then Cinema 4D is the perfect choice for you. Packed with powerful tools and features, this 3D animation software offers you the ability to bring your creative vision to life.

Cinema 4D is a 3D animation software that runs on Mac OS, Windows, and Linux systems. It provides an intuitive user interface, allowing users to easily build 3D scenes, animate characters, and render their work. The software includes an advanced animation system, as well as tools for modeling, sculpting, and texturing.

Pros of Cinema 4D:

  •  Easy-to-use user interface
  •  Built-in tools for creating realistic animations
  •  Includes an advanced animation system
  •  Supports multiple file formats
  •  Render your projects in high resolution
  •  Compatible with other 3D programs
  •  Great customer support

Cons of Cinema 4D:

  •  Can be expensive for certain users
  •  Requires a powerful computer for optimal performance
  •  Some features may be difficult for beginners to use

Cinema 4D is a great choice for professional animators and filmmakers who are looking for reliable and powerful 3D animation software. 

The software’s intuitive user interface makes it easy to learn even for beginners, and its advanced animation system makes it ideal for creating detailed and realistic animations.


Krita is a free and open-source digital painting and animation tool that has been gaining a lot of traction in recent years. It’s used by both hobbyists and professionals, and its popularity is steadily rising. 

With its intuitive user interface, powerful painting tools, extensive library of brushes and filters, and more, Krita is a great choice for those who want to get into animation and digital painting.

Krita is an animation and digital painting software that offers a wide range of features for users. It allows you to create highly detailed 2D drawings and animations with support for multiple layers, brushes, and effects. 

You can also create 3D models and 3D animation, as well as add textures and materials to your 3D creations. Krita supports both raster and vector images.

Pros of Krita:

  •  User-friendly Interface
  •  Wide range of features
  •  Extensive library of brushes and filters
  •  Support for multiple layers
  •  Ability to create 3D models and 3D animation
  •  Supports raster and vector images

Cons of Krita:

  •  Some features can be difficult to learn
  •  Limited 3D rendering capabilities

Krita is a great choice for those who want to get into animation and digital painting. It’s ideal for hobbyists and professionals alike, as it offers an array of features that are easy to learn and use. It’s also perfect for those who want to create 3D models and 3D animation, as well as add textures and materials to their creations.

Looking to use Multiple Animation Softwares?

Do you find yourself wanting to use multiple animation softwares? Postudio is the solution for you. Postudio is an amazing cloud-based, on-demand platform that provides its users with the highest-grade security and a collaborative centralized storage space. This allows everyone involved in the project to work on the same project from anywhere! The most awesome part? On Postudio, You only need to pay for what you use!

In terms of Animation Software, here’s what Postudio has to offer:

  • Adobe After Effects
  • Cinema 4D
  • Blender


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