5 Best Free Adobe After Effects Templates to Try in 2023

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5 Best Free Adobe After Effects Templates to Try in 2023

Do you want to produce stunning video clips but don’t want to spend hours learning the intricacies of After Effects? Then you’re in luck, as plenty of free Adobe After Effects templates are available. In this article, we’ll showcase 5 of the best free Adobe After Effects templates you can use to create amazing videos. 

Templates are pre-made After Effects projects that you can use to create your videos. They come with all the necessary assets and video files, and you can insert your text, images, and videos to create a professional-looking video. 

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How to Use Templates in After Effects

  1. Once you pick out an After Effects template, unzip the downloaded template to install it on your system. 
  2. Open the project and import the files you want to add.
  3. You can save all your templates in a common folder for ease of use.
  4. Then, locate all the compositions where you want to make changes.
  5. You can then replace these placeholder elements with the graphics from the templates.
  6. You can repeat this as needed for multiple layers of effects.

5 of the Best Free Adobe After Effects Templates

1. 9 Digital Distortions

As its name suggests, this free After Effects Template has 9 distortion effects, which are tweakable with an easy-to-use slider. The Template allows you to drag and drop your footage into the composition and play with the motion parameters to get Noise, Color Boxes, Flicker, Tuning, Turbulence, Chromatic Aberration, etc. You can combine these different parameters to create a look that’s your own & can use it with video footage or your motion graphics.

2. NEON: Free Animated Text Typeface

The NEON: Animated Text Typeface is a free animated font template for After Effects and has 36 animated characters. It also has 43 unique compositions and can invigorate any information. This font is helpful for your motion graphics toolkit. You’ll need Helvetica Neue installed on your system to use this After Effects template. 

3. Anamorphic View

The Anamorphic Lens Template has wider visuals of the anamorphic lens can help draw focus to a character or an element of a video you’d like to feature more prominently. Some features included are adjustable chromatic aberration, oval-shaped bokeh effects, etc. You can drag and drop your footage and have a refined anamorphic crop.

4. Prism Bokeh Effect Overlays

This template has 35 Prism Bokeh Overlays, with 10 different styles and intensities. The template has different colors of light, different-sized bokeh, and different amounts of sparkle from element to element, making it a very versatile template for many projects. They’re also available in high-quality 4K resolution.

5. Glitch Reflection

The Glitch Reflection Logo Reveal pack is compatible with Adobe CS6 & above. The pack is available in Full HD (1920×1080) and is well organized and easy to customize. It can easily be dragged and dropped and it has a video tutorial to make it a seamless template to use. 


With these templates, you can create amazing videos without spending hours learning the detailed software. If you wish to use After Effects, but your system doesn’t have the minimum requirements to run After Effects, check out Postudio. With Postudio, you can launch After Effects without having to think twice about your system specifications. All you have to do is edit and create, Postudio takes care of the rest.

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