Premiere Pro Error Code 3 (5 Fixes That Work in 2024)

Anant Desai
Anant Desai

25 Jan 2024

2 min read

Premiere Pro Error Code 3 (5 Fixes That Work in 2024)


In Premiere Pro, Error Code 3 is most likely to occur when the software’s settings have not been configured. This error primarily occurs when a user tries to render a video in H.264 format. Here are five quick fixes for the issue.


Why does Error Code 3 Occur?

1. GPU not Meeting Required Specifications

Error Code 3 on Premiere Pro might occur because the GPU does not meet the required specifications. In this case, the user needs a higher performant computer system, including a GPU with more VRAM based on their workflow.

2. System Incompatible with Adobe Premiere Pro

Error Code 3 might also occur if the system isn’t compatible with Premiere Pro. The editing software comes with a built-in utility that helps to scan a system. If Premiere Pro identifies known difficulties with the system settings, such as mismatched graphics card drivers, this report will immediately appear when you run the program.

5 Ways to Fix Error Code 3 on Premiere Pro

1. Software Only Encoding

Video > Encoding Settings > Performance > Select Software Encoding > Click Ok > Restart Premiere Pro

Changing the encoding mode from Hardware Encoding to Software Encoding mode, leads to the GPU being bypassed, so the video rendering and exporting process occurs without it. There is a downside to this, as the Software Encoding mode will make the editing process lengthier. However, it can help fix Error Code 3 on Premiere Pro.

2. Close Adobe Creative Cloud Service Running in the background

Open Task Manager > Close all the Adobe Creative Cloud Services

Re-Open the project on Premiere Pro, this should resolve the error. Error Code 3 can be caused by the Creative Cloud CoreSync running in the background. Ending all creative cloud services running in the background can help solve the error.

3. Re-Install Graphics Card Driver Update

Try to update all Windows drivers, including the graphics card driver, using Device Manager to the version compatible with Premiere Pro.

4. Power Management of GPU

To solve Error Code 3 on Premiere Pro, the user needs to set the power management of the GPU to the maximum. The NVIDIA Control Panel or AMD Radeon Software can be used to configure Power Management. If the user has an NVIDIA GPU,

  • Right-Click on the Desktop
  • Click on Show More Options
  • Select NVIDIA Control Panel in the Context Menu
  • Click on Manage 3D Settings
  • Find Power Management Mode under settings and set it to prefer maximum performance using the drop-down menu.

5. Updating Adobe Premiere Pro

Error Code 3 could occur if Adobe Premiere Pro hasn’t been updated to the latest version. The user can check for the latest updates using the Adobe Application Updater. The application checks for updates and downloads and installs them automatically. The latest version will provide the best user experience. With each new Premiere Pro version, Adobe fixes many bugs and glitches.


If you encounter Error Code 3 in Premiere Pro, these five simple fixes can help you resolve it quickly so you can resume editing! You can find the latest in post-production on our Postudio blog if you encounter such errors.

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