How to Add Animated Text on Premiere Pro ( Animate text in 2023!)

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How to Add Animated Text on Premiere Pro ( Animate text in 2023!)

Animating your text in your project can help you take it to the next level. Here’s a simple guide on how to add animated text on Premiere Pro. Follow along to take your project from drab to fab!

If you’ve got any other questions relating to adding and editing text on Adobe Premiere; just follow the link. We’ve got you covered.

A guide on How to Add Animated Text on Premiere Pro

The addition of the Essential Graphics Panel on Adobe Premiere Pro in 2017 was a game-changer. It helped make Adobe Premiere Pro how awesome it is today.

The Essential Graphics panel is also essential when it comes to Text Animation.

Step 1: Add Text to your Project

To add text animations from scratch can be simple. Especially when you’re given steps that are easy to follow.

  1. Navigate to Window > Essential Graphics panel.
  2. Use the Text tool to create a Title.
  3. Use the Effects Control to make changes to the Alignment, Color, Size, Font, etc.

Step 2: Create a Background:

To create background layers and elements:

  1. Use the New Layer button that can be found at the top of the panel.
  2. Then, choose a shape for your layer.
  3. Use the Fill in the Appearance panel to add color to your shape.

Step 3: Mask your Graphic:

  1. Open Window > Essential Graphics panel.
  2. If you have added a shape behind your text layer adjust the size and position.
  3. Choose the Mask with Shape section in the Appearance Section.
  4. You have now applied a mask to the shape and any layers beneath it.

Note: Group your layers if you find that the layers are complex.

Step 4: Animate Background and Text:

Animate the Y position:

  1. Move Playhead to the second mark, where you want the animation to end.
  2. Select the Text Layer, and click on the Position symbol in the section; Align and Transform.
  3. This turns on the toggle animation on your attribute.
  4. A keyframe is added at the current time indicators location.

Note: You can recognise if the animation toggle is turned on when the symbol turns blue.

  1. Drag your Playhead to the one-second mark.
  2. Adjust the Y attribute to place the text in the start position.
  3. This adds a keyframe automatically to the location.
  4. Animate your other background elements similarly.

Step 5: Fine-Tune Text Effects

Adjust and fine-tune the timing of your animation by adjusting each keyframe from the Effect Controls panel.

  1. To view keyframes: Window > Effect Controls.
  2. View effects you’ve adjusted on the Essential Graphics panel.
  3. Clicking a graphic layer in the Essential Graphics panel reflects in the Effect Controls panel.
  4. Smoothen your animation and text effects by adding an Ease Out to all the first keyframes and Ease In on all the last keyframes.
  5. Find Easing with a simple right-click on a keyframe, under Temporal Interpolation.
  6. Adjust and finesse your animation timing using the Speed Curve.
  7. Use the Bézier Handle to manipulate each keyframe.

And there you have it! You’ve just created an animated title from Scratch!

Use Pre-Animated Premiere Pro Templates from Essential Graphics Panel

There are a lot of pre-animated premiere pro templates available. Here’s how you can use them

  1. Go to Window > Essential Graphics panel.
  2. Browse Title Templates and find one you like.
  3. Select and Drop it into your Timeline, above the clip you want it to appear on.

Edit your Pre-Animated Template on Premiere Pro:

  1. Double click on the on-screen text to start the editing process.
  2. Select the title in your Timeline. Various options for customization will show up on your Essential Graphics panel.
  3. These customisations include; editing tools and options like; Size, Font, and Color. It can also include effects or elements pre-existing in the templates.


Congratulations, you now know how to add animation to your projects on Adobe Premiere Pro! Using pre-animated templates offered by Premiere Pro and also learning how to make text animation from scratch.

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