How to Edit Text in Premiere Pro (3 Ways That Work in 2024)

Sneha Zacharia
Sneha Zacharia

25 Jan 2024

5 min read

How to Edit Text in Premiere Pro (3 Ways That Work in 2024)


Adobe Premiere Pro allows you to add and edit text on your videos. Of course, this is a very basic feature for any video editing software to have. When you add text to your video it contributes to the aesthetics of your video content.

When adding text to your video, you first need to know the different kinds of text. These include Title, Descriptors, Dialogues, Captions, Lower Thirds and Credits.

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How to Add & Edit Text using the Type Tool on Premiere Pro

Select the Type Tool and drag a content box onto your video. If you don’t see this tool, go to Windows > Tools and click and hold on Type Tool.

How to Edit Text on Premiere Pro
Find and Click on the Type Tool

How to Add and Edit Text using the Essential Graphics Panel

To make basic edits to your textual content you need to use the Essential Graphics Panel. This panel allows you to change font types, size, colour and more. To find this panel you need to click Windows and then click on the Essential Panel.

Add Animation to your Video Text on Premiere Pro

An optional idea could be to add animation to your text using the Effect Controls Panel. This panel is where you can add motion to your text. The panel has Keyframes that you can use to add a spinning effect to a title. There is also a keyframe to make rolling credits. A great idea when reviewing animation is to view it in full-screen on Premiere Pro.

Additional Resources Provided by Adobe

Adobe provides its users with additional resources and textual features to help them with their editing game. Some of these features include Adobe Font and Adobe Stock.

Adobe Fonts

This is an Adobe database to edit text, available online. This database consists of more than a thousand font styles. When you download a new font, all you need to do is toggle Activate. Any font does not require additional payment.

To gain access to this web application all you need to do is click or click on Graphics > Add Fonts from Adobe Fonts. Doing the latter will take you to the same URL. The web app is a brilliant resource because it allows you to browse and experience font styles in different ways.

To locate specific styles; you can use tags: Tags like Comic, Cursive, and Geometric can be some examples.

How to Edit Text on Premiere Pro
Find Fonts on Adobe Fonts

Using Classifications can also help you find a specific font family like Serif or Sans Serif, etc.

How to Edit Text on Premiere Pro
Find Fonts on Adobe Fonts using Classifications

You can try to find fonts by Property, and when we say Properties we mean, contrast, height, width and more.

How to Edit Text on Premiere Pro
Find Fonts on Adobe Fonts using Properties

Another option Adobe Font offers is to input sample texts to see how the text would look in a particular font.

Adobe Stock

In addition to the text templates readily available on Premiere, Adobe Stock allows its Premiere Pro members access to a wider selection. These can be found by search, or in-app. You can toggle for both paid and free templates. Adobe Stock is a great support when you need to create video effects on a quick timeline.

How to Edit Text on Premiere Pro
Find Text Templates on Adobe Stock

To access the web app directly you can just click This web app also lets you access photos, video footage, and more.

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Advanced Text Edits using Templates

After Effects is a great resource to enable Adobe users to have advanced and better graphics. Adobe also treats its users with motion graphics templates on Premiere Pro. Evanto Elements has a multitude of great video editing features available with the ease of a click. We’ll discuss some of these going further but you can easily get by with your Premiere Pro knowledge instead of needing to depend on After Effects heavily.

1. Callouts for Premiere Pro

A callout can be understood as a sentence or a word that is used as a way to try and call attention to something on the screen. You want to use these graphics in your design to control where the audience’s attention falls. You can find callout graphics in Adobe Stock. Navigate to the Graphics Panel and click on Adobe Stock.

As the title suggests, this Adobe Stock feature is available for Premiere Pro. There are three style types: Left, Right, and Center. You’re also given access to a sound effects library.

Callouts also can be used when you want to create voice-over video tutorials. You can add Animated Arrow Call Outs, Two lines title Call out, etc

2. Clean Titles & Lower Thirds using MOGRT for Premiere Pro

MOGRT is a Motion Graphics Template that can be used on Premiere Pro. These files are self-contained and have a .mogrt extension. You can make MOGRTs on Premiere Pro. All you need to do is click on Adobe Stock and find the mogrt that works for you.

This handy pack includes classy, clean lower thirds and matching titles that would perform well with most projects and help you keep your text consistent.

3. Easy Titles & Lower Thirds

These simple-to-edit titles make use of free lettering, which makes video captioning and titling a breeze. They have a flat and clean design that should work with a variety of films.

Final Thoughts

Anything you create requires text. This encourages a larger reach when you export from Premiere Pro and allows you to hold the interest of your audience for longer. Should you have any more questions about Premiere Pro and other popular software, you may find what you’re looking for on our Postudio Blog page.

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