Best Guide to Adobe Premiere Pro Keyboard Shortcuts

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Best Guide to Adobe Premiere Pro Keyboard Shortcuts

With Adobe Premiere Pro, you have access to a wide range of keyboard shortcuts. Although learning Premiere Pro keyboard shortcuts may take some time initially, they will help you save a lot of time and improve your video editing skills.

What are Premiere Pro Keyboard Shortcuts?

A keyboard shortcut in Premiere Pro is a set of two or more keys that you can press to quickly access commands. A command is an action you can perform within a piece of software, like opening a file or closing the application. The command is carried out when the shortcut keys are pressed.

Using shortcuts is the way to go because understanding mouse motions can be tiresome and time-consuming. When using Adobe Premiere Pro, keyboard shortcut keys come in helpful because they may be used to execute a variety of functions.

In Adobe Premiere Pro, keyboard shortcut keys are turned on by default to help you advance your abilities in video editing.

The two different kinds of shortcuts for Adobe Premiere Pro

Application shortcuts and panel shortcuts are the two categories of shortcuts in Premiere Pro. While application shortcuts work throughout the entire program, panel shortcuts only work on particular panels.

How to use shortcuts in Adobe Premiere Pro

1 Activate shortcut keys on your keyboard

First, make sure the shortcuts for Adobe Premiere are turned on.

Using Windows: Launch Premiere Pro from Adobe. Click Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts. They should be turned on automatically. If you discover a better workflow, you can alter these.

Apple Mac OS: Launch Adobe Premiere Pro. In the main menu, select Premiere Pro > Keyboard Shortcuts. These should also automatically be set to on.

2- Now it’s time for you to memorize these Adobe Premiere shortcuts and use them to your advantage.

Most Useful Adobe Premiere Pro Keyboard Shortcuts

Both Windows and Mac OS support the use of Adobe Premiere keyboard shortcuts.

For Windows: Use Ctrl and Alt

For Mac OS: Use Command and Option

Shortcuts for Adobe Premiere Pro listed by type

There are several distinct categories for keyboard shortcuts in Premiere Pro. These depend on the key you’re pressing and the Premiere action you’re carrying out. Command shortcuts, navigation shortcuts, clipboard shortcuts, and tool shortcuts are the ones we’ll be discussing in this post.

Command Shortcuts

Command shortcuts are straightforward shortcuts that utilize the control key on Windows or the command key on Mac. These command shortcuts come in a variety of forms that you can use when using Premiere Pro.

You can view media files and navigate your Premiere Pro projects more rapidly by using navigation shortcuts.

CommandWindowsMac OS
Render Effects in Work AreaEnterEnter
Match FrameFF
Reverse Match FrameShift + RShift + R
Add EditCtrl + KCmd + K
Add Edit to All TracksCtrl + Shift + KShift + Cmd + K
Trim EditShift + TCmd + T
Extend Selected Edit to PlayheadEE
Apply Video TransitionCtrl + DCmd + D
Apply Audio TransitionCtrl + Shift + DShift + Cmd + D
Apply Default Transitions to SelectionShift + DShift + D
Zoom In==
Zoom Out
Next in SequenceShift + ;Shift + ;
Previous in SequenceCtrl + Shift + ;Opt + ;
Snap in TimelineSS
Make SubsequenceShift + UCmd + U
Add new caption trackOpt + Cmd + ACtrl + Alt + A
Add caption at playheadOpt + Cmd + CCtrl + Alt + C
Go to next caption segmentOpt + Cmd + DownCtrl + Alt + Down
Go to previous caption segmentOpt + Cmd + UpCtrl + Alt + Up

Clipboard Shortcuts

Use shortcuts for the clipboard to copy and paste clips into your project. Shortcuts for the clipboard can be used to combine different clips into a new sequence.

CommandWindowsMac OS
Show Next ScreenPage DownPage Down
Show Previous ScreenPage UpPage Up
Make SubclipCtrl + UCmd + U
Audio ChannelsShift + GShift + G
Audio GainGG
Speed / DurationCtrl + RCmd + R
EnableShift + EShift + Cmd + E
LinkCtrl + LCmd + L
GroupCtrl + GCmd + G
UngroupCtrl + TCmd + T
Decrease Audio Tracks HeightAlt + –Opt + –
Increase Audio Tracks HeightAlt + =Opt + =
Decrease Video Tracks HeightCtrl + –Cmd + –
Increase Video Tracks HeightCtrl + =Cmd + =
Nudge Clip Selection Left/Right Five FramesAlt + Shift + Left/Right arrowShift + Cmd + Left/Right arrow
Nudge Clip Selection Left/Right One FrameAlt + Left/Right arrowCmd + Left/Right arrow
Show Previous ScreenPage UpPage Up

Tool Shortcuts

The tools shortcut makes it exceedingly simple to access all of Adobe Premiere Pro’s capabilities. In Premiere Pro, tools are frequently found in the timeline panel and enable various notifications inside your workspace.

Premiere Pro Keyboard Shortcuts

You’ll have more time on your hands if you learn how to use all of these Adobe Premiere Pro default shortcuts. Make your video editing easier, quicker, and more efficient by using these keyboard shortcuts!

Customized Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts can also be modified to meet your individual requirements. You can change the default keyboard shortcuts in Premiere Pro for each panel, as well as for the tools and commands.

To create a custom keyboard shortcut, you’ll want to go to Premiere Pro > Keyboard Shortcuts or use the hotkey ⌘+Option+K.

A keyboard layout with a cheat sheet of all the hotkeys available in Premiere Pro will appear as a result. You may assign a shortcut to any key on this keyboard by clicking on it. Additionally, you can use the search box at the bottom of the keyboard to look for particular hotkey combinations.

Why create customized keyboard shortcuts on Adobe Premiere Pro?

Creating customized keyboard shortcuts on Adobe Premiere Pro can significantly speed up your editing workflow and save you time. Instead of manually selecting commands from the menu, you can use keyboard shortcuts to quickly execute them. Customizing shortcuts also allows you to tailor the program to your individual editing style and preferences, making the editing process more efficient and intuitive.


In conclusion, customizing keyboard shortcuts in Adobe Premiere Pro is a highly beneficial way to improve your editing workflow. By creating personalized shortcuts, you can save time and increase productivity, allowing you to focus on the creative aspects of video editing. It’s a valuable tool for any editor looking to streamline their workflow and optimize their editing process.

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