How to Make DaVinci Resolve Run Faster in 6 Ways

Zacharia S
Zacharia S

5 Dec 2022

5 min read

How to Make DaVinci Resolve Run Faster in 6 Ways


Have you noticed your DaVinci Resolve running slow? When you have a project deadline coming close you need DaVinci Resolve to be performing at its best. The evolution of video resolution and updating of features every couple of months has contributed to some lagging in the software. This also leads to users having to constantly check that their system matches DaVinci Resolve’s system requirements

A great way to avoid all this extra work though would be to use DaVinci Resolve on Postudio. Postudio allows its users to collaborate on various post-production softwares remotely on a secure platform.


How To Make DaVinci Resolve Run Faster

We’ve compiled a list of 6 ways to help you speed up your laggy DaVinci Resolve. 

Way #1: Check for Updates

If the current version of DaVinci Resolve suddenly becomes sluggish, check for operating system and graphics card updates. Make sure you check your DaVinci Resolve to see if there have been any upgrades.

While this is a sensible recommendation to improve DaVinci Resolve’s performance. We also suggest that you refrain from updating any of the three while working on a project.

Way #2: Render Cache

Turning on the “Smart” feature in the “Playback” menu will allow DaVinci Resolve to automatically render the necessary files for easier video playback.

To access the playback menu; select Playback > Render Cache > Smart

If you are currently editing a project, the videos won’t render immediately. Items on the timeline that are being rendered will have a red bar over them. The red bar will change to blue when rendering is finished.

Way #3: Change Cache Media Location

As a result of the SSD drive’s improved reading and writing speeds, make sure DaVinci Resolve’s scratch and cache file locations are assigned to it.

This option is located in the Master Settings section of the Projects Settings menu.

Way #4: Use Proxy Mode

With this technique, you may speed up the playback of your videos in DaVinci Resolve without altering the original video clips in any way.

From the top bar, choose “Playback.” Click on “Proxy Mode.”

Select either “Half Resolution” or “Quarter Resolution” from the two selections.

This must be enabled when playing back 4K or higher resolution video!

Way #5: Compound Clips

Use compound clips to keep your timeline clean; this option is essentially a timeline inside another timeline. Any clips, text layers, or effects you choose to put together inside a compound clip will render independently from your main timeline and render more quickly. 

To do this, pick everything you wish to combine, then right-click, and select New Compound Clip.

Way #6: GPU Usage

Make sure you compute your modifications using a top-tier graphics card. If your system just has one graphics card, this will be the option that is automatically chosen for you.

Make sure the low-end card is unchecked in the menu. If you have any additional low-end graphics cards.


These 6 ways should help you fix the lag you’re facing with DaVinci Resolve. A great 7th way is to use DaVinci Resolve on Postudio. Where all you need is a browser and a good internet connection.


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