Is DaVinci Resolve 18 Safe to Download? (2024 Update)

Sneha Zacharia
Sneha Zacharia

25 Jan 2024

4 min read

Is DaVinci Resolve 18 Safe to Download? (2024 Update)


To be assured of the credibility and safety of any software or program a great thing to do is to research the company that created the program. So if you’re thinking is DaVinci Resolve safe, you need to look into BlackMagic Design which created Resolve. BlackMagic Design was founded in 2001, they have worked their way into being a very well respected Digital Cinema Company. In saying this, we can be assured that DaVinci Resolve is safe.


Here are a few questions about DaVinci Resolve we will answer for you:

  1. What is DaVinci Resolve Studio used for?
  2. Is DaVinci Resolve good for beginners?
  3. Is it safe to download DaVinci Resolve on your Desktop?
  4. Is DaVinci Resolve free?
  5. Is Resolve a good video editor?
  6. Is DaVinci Resolve Public Beta Safe?

What is DaVinci Resolve Studio used for?

DaVinci Resolve Studio is an expansive post-production software. DaVinci first began as a color correcting software and now is one of the best post-production softwares encompassing solutions to all Post Production needs. With brilliant features and tools that are explained a bit further on.

Is DaVinci Resolve 18 Safe
Color Correction on DaVinci Resolve

Is DaVinci Resolve good for beginners?

Yes, DaVinci Resolve is great for beginners. Whether you want to be a filmmaker, a colourist or even a content creator on YouTube. DaVinci Resolve is a great place to hone your skills. With its easy to use features and user-friendly design, you will find it awesome to work with.

Is it safe to download DaVinci Resolve on your Desktop?

Yes, it’s completely safe to download DaVinci Resolve (free version) or DaVinci Resolve Studio (paid version) i.e. if you download it from BlackMagic Design’s Website or if you have a Mac System then you can also download it from the Mac App Store.

Is DaVinci Resolve Free?

Yes, DaVinci Resolve is a free tool and you don’t need to wonder ‘does Davinci Resolve have a Watermark‘. Albeit, the free version not having as many features as the paid Resolve studio it is still great in functionality. Yes, BlackMagic Design’s Website has DaVinci Resolve available to download for free. In this article, you will find the differences between both the free and studio version. Either way, whether it’s the free version or the paid one when you download from the website you shouldn’t have any worries when it comes to security.

Is Resolve a Good Video Editor?

BlackMagic Design worked on making DaVinci Resolve an all-rounder. So Yes, BlackMagic’s Davinci Resolve is a good video editor best known for its colour correction features.

Is DaVinci Resolve 18 Safe
Editing on DaVinci Resolve

Is DaVinci Resolve Public Beta Safe?

Usually before BlackMagic launches a new version they put out a public beta version. This beta version of the new software is completely okay to use security-wise, and you might notice that the tools or the software might be a little buggy. These new bugs and the beta might slow down your video editing or your colour correction and editing in general. So, I wouldn’t recommend using the DaVinci Resolve beta software to work on any projects with a deadline or anything you need posted on a timeline. This secure beta version, however, will one; let you discover new elements and two; let you explore the new channel and program to make you a pro at it.

What are the differences between the Free DaVinci and DaVinci Resolve Studio?

The software DaVinci Resolve has two versions available to its users; DaVinci Resolve (free) and Resolve Studio. A key difference between DaVinci Resolve (free) and Resolve Studio is that with DaVinci Resolve you can only work with output limited to 4KUHD. Resolve Studio on the other hand allows output up to 32K. Here is what you need to know about the other feature differences before you take the plunge.

DaVinci Resolve (Free) Features:

  • Advanced DaVinci Resolve Color Correction
  • Basic Noise Removal from Audio
  • Export up to 4K Ultra HD video
  • FairlightFX audio mixing panel for editing
  • Multi-User capabilities

DaVinci Resolve Studio Features:

  • Magic Mask ( Feature to Track and Isolate Objects) for video
  • HDR Scopes
  • 32K Resolution and offers HDR Delivery
  • Supports formats and Codes like H.264 similar to Premiere Pro
  • Fairlight which is offered in the free app but when paid offers major audio features
  • Face Refinement
  • Pencil Sketch, Chromatic Aberration, Chromatic Adaptation, Analog Damage, Stylize
  • Allows one to fix motion blur as well.
  • Multi-User Capability

DaVinci Resolve Studio is best saved for advanced editing. You can obtain this version from the website but also from an authorized reseller who is allowed to share and sell the program.

Where we stand on DaVinci Resolve

Even though it feels like this article started ages ago. I’m certain you’re now assured of how safe DaVinci Resolve is. Not only is it safe we feel it’s worth the hype since it’s compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux.

If you’re still worried about the security aspect of DaVinci Resolve or running short of space on your computer and can’t download DaVinci Resolve from a safe resource, we have the solution for you. All you need to do is go to Postudio. You just need is a connection of 15 MBPS or more to book a system and you can use DaVinci Resolve and other popular post-production tools to your heart’s content.


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