Does DaVinci Resolve have a Watermark? (2023 Update)

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Does DaVinci Resolve have a Watermark? (2023 Update)

There is a tonne of free video editing softwares available online. They boast of being the best, with the best features. These video editors include iMovie, Vsdc, and many more.

Today we’re going to be talking about one of the best free editing softwares available in the market, DaVinci Resolve. The free video editor DaVinci Resolve has been known to its users as DaVinci Resolve lite in the earlier versions. Now, there are two different versions. A free version and a paid version, known as DaVinci Resolve and DaVinci Resolve Studio.

BlackMagic Design the creator of DaVinci Resolve has recently launched a new version of DaVinci Resolve, DaVinci Resolve 18. The quality you get from DaVinci Resolve has made it good enough to be compared with Premiere Pro. They also offer support to their users. This support is available via call and email. They also have a forum for all their users to have open discussions about products, updates, video editing tools etc.

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Does DaVinci Resolve have a Watermark?

No, DaVinci Resolve doesn’t have a watermark. You get a lot of amazing features on Davinci Resolve free version without a watermark. However, when you use features available only on DaVinci Resolve Studio like Noise Reduction, Magic Mask, or Face Refinement then the tool applies a watermark on your video.

Does DaVinci Resolve have a watermark
DaVinci Resolve Credit: BlackMagic Design

Many professional editors in the business agree that DaVinci Resolve as a free video editing software will help you create true masterpieces. It truly has a plethora of amazing features and you do not need the studio version. As an editor, editing videos of products for a business, you must provide videos without watermark. You must also use a safe video editor for your project. DaVinci Resolve is safe and allows you to be a great video editor offering amazing post-production tools and also letting you screen your best work.

Do you get Good Features with the Free Video Editing Software DaVinci Resolve?

DaVinci Resolve 18 can also be considered one of the best because of all the features that users can have access to for free without having to pay a dime. These features are available for Windows, macOS and Linux.

Some of the best features offered by DaVinci Resolve Version 18:

  • Video Editing Software that’s free and has no watermark
  • Cloud Collaboration/ Multi-User Collaboration
  • Surface Tracking Overlays
  • HDR Colour Wheels for grading
  • One-Click File Relinking
  • Responsive Project Libraries for your Data
  • Professional Trimming functions
  • Subtitles and Closed Captioning
  • Edit Multicam Recording
  • Fusion for Cinematic Visual Effects
DaVinci Resolve free watermark
DaVinci Resolve Features Credit: BlackMagic Design

There are a bunch more amazing features that DaVinci Resolve possesses but if we listed them all you’d be here all day. DaVinci has earned its place of importance in the video editing world along with other bigwigs like Premiere Pro.

Final Comments

We hope this article answered some of your questions, especially if you were wondering about the watermark. You can head over to our Postudio Blog if you have any other questions regarding DaVinci Resolve.

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