Adobe Premiere Pro Keeps Crashing? (5 Fixes Working in 2023!)

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Adobe Premiere Pro Keeps Crashing? (5 Fixes Working in 2023!)

Does Adobe Premiere Pro keep crashing on your systems? This issue has been a problem for several Windows users mainly. We find out the most common reasons for Premiere Pro crashing and how to resolve these issues. 

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Why does Adobe Premiere Pro keep Crashing?

Adobe Premiere Pro crashes primarily because of software bugs and misconfigurations, however there could also be other reasons such as..

Outdated Graphics Driver

In most cases, an outdated graphics driver is the main culprit behind Premiere Pro crashing. Nvidia, AMD, and Intel keep updating their graphics drivers. By doing that, they’ll fix bugs in the last version of the graphics driver and enhance the performance.

System below Minimum Requirements

The problem might arise if the user computer lacks the necessary hardware to run Adobe Premiere Pro smoothly. 

Currently, the recommended specifications for HD video workflows are:

  • An Intel 6th Gen CPU (or newer)
  • 8 GB of RAM
  • 2 GB of GPU Memory

System Overheating

Adobe Premiere Pro is an application that extensively uses the GPU and CPU of a device. Running Premiere Pro for an extended time may lead to the system getting overheated, which can cause the application to crash.

Change in Default Font

Some fonts don’t work well in Premiere Pro. If your system does not support the new font, the application crashes due to a conflict with the engine.

Avoid Using Drag & Drop

The Drag and Drop feature on Adobe Premiere Pro is convenient. Unfortunately, the application cannot process large media files dragged and dropped directly onto the timeline, which may result in it crashing. 

5 Fixes to Try When Adobe Premiere Pro Keeps Crashing

Resetting Preferences

By resetting your preferences, Adobe returns your settings to the factory defaults and helps to prevent Premiere Pro from crashing. To do this, hold Alt when you click to launch Premiere Pro. This will open a popup asking if you want to reset your preferences. 

How to Reset Preferences in Premiere Pro

Clearing Media Cache Files

The media cache is a temporary storage that stores media files imported into Premiere Pro to access files quickly. However, corrupted media cache files can lead to Premiere Pro crashing.

Steps to Remove Media Cache Files:

  1. Launch Premiere Pro and go to Edit > Preferences > Media Cache.
  2. Click Delete to remove the media cache files when the media Cache window opens.
  3. Click OK and wait for the process to complete.

How to Clear the Media Cache in Premiere Pro 2021

Turn off GPU Acceleration

GPU Acceleration is one of the common causes of Adobe Premiere Pro crashing. Disabling GPU Acceleration leads to Premiere Pro taking longer to render videos; however, it may fix the issue. 

Steps to Disable GPU Acceleration:

  • Go to the File tab and click on it. 
  • Click Project Settings and choose General.
  • Set Renderer option to Mercury Playback Engine Software.
  • Select OK and close the window.

Close CPU Intensive Applications

Adobe Premiere Pro is a resource-intensive application. Having lots of programs running in the background may cause your computer to run out of RAM, leading to the application crashing.  

  1. Press Ctrl, Shift, and Esc simultaneously on your keyboard to open Task Manager. You will be prompted for permission. Click Yes to open the Task Manager.
  2. Select any other applications and programs that take up a large amount of CPU or Memory, then click End Task to close it.

Update Premiere Pro

If none of the fixes work, try updating/reinstalling Premiere Pro. Adobe eliminates glitches and bugs with new Premiere Pro updates to create a user-friendly experience.

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Can you get back your Premiere Pro work after it crashes?

If you have the “Auto-Save” feature turned on in Adobe Premiere Pro, you can recover your project by searching for the name of your project in your files.

How do I recover an unsaved Premiere Pro project after crashing?

You cannot recover an unsaved Premiere Pro project if the application crashes and you don’t have “Auto-Save” turned on.

Where do I find Premiere Pro crash logs on Windows?

C:\Users\[user name]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\LogTransport2\Logs.

Where do I find Premiere Pro crash logs on macOS?

Users/[user name]/Library/Application Support/Adobe/LogTransport2.

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