DaVinci Resolve Error Code 59 (4 Fixes That Work in 2023!)

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DaVinci Resolve Error Code 59 (4 Fixes That Work in 2023!)

This article explains how to fix Error Code 59 on DaVinci Resolve “The GPU failed to perform image processing because of an error.” To resolve the issue, you will be guided through four easy steps/methods.

Why does Error Code 59 Occur?

1. GPU Performance

NVIDIA (CUDA) and AMD Radeon (OpenGL) are the most commonly used GPUs in DaVinci Resolve Software. Error Code 59 indicates that your graphics card (GPU) cannot perform image processing, which could be down to GPU performance or if the GPU isn’t compatible. The user must ensure to install the latest & compatible version of the GPU/graphics card driver on your computer to enhance performance.

2. GPU not Meeting Required Specifications

BlackMagic has defined the minimum requirements for hardware GPU and NVIDIA drivers specifically, starting from DaVinci Resolve 16.2.7 and afterward. For Windows, if the user has an Nvidia GPU, it must support CUDA 11.0 (for other graphic cards, the GPU processing mode is OpenCL). The GPU must have a minimum computing capability of 3.5 (check for computing compatibility on the Nvidia Website) and a minimum Nvidia driver version of 451.82.

4 Ways to Fix Error Code 59 on DaVinci Resolve

1. Install the Compatible Graphics Card Driver

Step 1: Open your browser and visit the official website of the graphics card manufacturer like NVIDIA or AMD.

Step 2: Search for your graphics card model and download the most compatible driver according to your computer’s installed graphics card model and operating system version.

Step 3: Once downloaded, double-click on the downloaded driver setup and follow on-screen instructions to finish the installation. Once installed, restart your computer and check if the issue has been resolved.

2. Fix DaVinci Resolve GPU Memory Full

Error Code 59 could occur due to insufficient memory to handle the tasks. This issue can be fixed by following the given steps.

Step 1: Open ‘DaVinci Resolve’ software in your computer and go to menu “DaVinci Resolve” > “Preferences” > “System” > “Memory and GPU” > “GPU Configuration” > against “GPU Processing Mode” uncheck “Auto” and select “CUDA” instead of “OpenCL”.

Step 2: Against “GPU Selection,”uncheck “Auto” and manually select the available Nvidia card in your system.

Step 3: Restart DaVinci Resolve, and check if the issue has been resolved.

3. Re-Install Graphics Card Driver Update

Try to update all Windows drivers, including the graphics card driver, using Device Manager to the version compatible with DaVinci Resolve.

4. Updating DaVinci Resolve

As this problem persists only in older versions of resolve, the easiest fix would be to update DaVinci Resolve to its most recent version, i.e., DaVinci Resolve 18. Downloading the latest version will help provide the best user experience. BlackMagic designs fix many glitches and bugs with every new version of DaVinci Resolve.


These four simple fixes, i.e., Installing a Compatible Graphics Driver, Fixing DaVinci Resolve GPU Memory Full, Re-Installing Graphics Card Driver Updates, and Updating DaVinci Resolve, can help to fix Error Code 59.

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