15 Awesome After Effects Transitions (Free)

Zacharia S
Zacharia S

21 Jul 2023

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15 Awesome After Effects Transitions (Free)


One of the popular effects frequently utilized in Adobe After Effects is video transitions. With After Effects’ robust keyframing and motion graphics tools, you can create an impressive range of motion graphic transitions to captivate your audience. You can keep it simple with minimal wipes or go all out with ink-like effects, all achievable in After Effects. While you can build your transitions, a convenient approach is to use creative transition presets and customize them to suit your project. These presets are available for various themes, including comic books and logo wipes, and can be found online, many of them free or at low cost. We’ve curated fifteen of our favorite transition presets to elevate your video projects, whether they’re corporate videos or lively travel vlogs, ensuring there’s a perfect fit for your style.


What are Transitions?

Transitions are crucial elements in video editing that help create smooth and seamless connections between different clips or scenes. Transitions play an essential role in video editing by improving the overall visual flow, creating a professional look, and enhancing the viewer’s experience. They are important tools for video editors to tell stories, convey information, and engage the audience effectively.

How to Apply Transitions on After Effects?

The process to apply transitions on After Effects is pretty simple, just follow these steps:
Step 1: Have your video files appropriately arranged on your timeline panel

Step 2: Drop your playhead to the point where you want the transition to begin

Step 3: Go to the Effects and Presets panel and search for the transition you want to apply 

Step 4: Playback your sequence to see how the transition looks. Make adjustments to the timing and other properties if necessary.

Modify Transitions on After Effects

Here’s how you can Modify Transitions on After Effects in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Select the transition you want to modify from your timeline. 

Step 2: Open Window>Effect Controls to open the Effects Control Panel

Step 3: Modify transition properties from the properties list in the Effects Control Panel

Common Properties would include Duration, Start and End Points, Blending Mode, Opacity, and Easing among others. 

15 Free After Effects Transitions to try out in 2024

However, finding After Effects transitions that are inexpensive could be tough. We’ve found 15 free amazing After Effects transitions for you! Without further ado, let us ‘transition’ to this list of the 15 Awesome Free AE Transitions for you. 

  1. Video Mask Title

Mixkit. co came out with an amazing After Effects transition i.e. the Video Mask Title. This transition is a tremendously creative and unique way to add changes to your videos. The video mask title transition uses a mask effect to conceal or reveal your footage or titles creatively. While the name might make you think that the video mask title only works for titles, it is also great to use for other footage. Video Mask Title is a customizable transition, which allows you to adjust the color, speed, and duration of the transition to match your video’s tone and style.

Another great thing Mixkit offers along with this free transition, is its guide on how to add the transition on after effects and how to add it to your video sequence. This free AE transition is worth checking out.  

  1. Split Text Intro 

The Split Text Title After Effects Transition by Mixkit is a dynamic and visually striking transition that adds a professional touch to any video project. This transition splits the screen into two parts, revealing a new text or image in the center while pushing the old content to the sides. It is perfect for adding a creative and engaging transition between two video clips or sections of your video.

Like other templates by Mixkit, the Split Text Title is a customizable transition, allowing you to modify the speed, color, and duration. 

  1. Liquid Shape Transition

The Liquid Shape Transition is a visually captivating and dynamic transition effect for After Effects. This transition adds a fluid and organic element to your video, creating a smooth and seamless shift between clips or scenes.

The Liquid Shape Transition features animated liquid shapes that morph and transform, allowing you to transition between different elements in a visually appealing way. The fluid and abstract nature of the transition can add a quirky and stylish touch to your video projects.

To use this transition, you can download the template from the provided link and import it into your After Effects project. The template is customizable, giving you the flexibility to adjust various parameters such as colors, duration, and timing to match your video’s style and needs.

Overall, the Liquid Shape Transition offers a unique and eye-catching effect to enhance your video transitions and create a visually engaging viewing experience.

  1. Static Glitch Transition 

The Static Glitch Transition is an electrifying and unconventional transition effect for After Effects. This transition introduces a glitchy and distorted visual style to your video, delivering a bold and impactful transition between clips or scenes.

With its simulation of analog glitches and technical malfunctions, the transition adds an energetic and disruptive element to your video projects. It is particularly well-suited for music videos, action sequences, or any content seeking a futuristic or experimental vibe.

The template is fully customizable, allowing you to tweak parameters such as glitch intensity, color effects, duration, and timing to align with your video’s style and desired impact. Mixkit. co provides a comprehensive guide on using the transition in After Effects, aiding you in the installation and customization process to achieve the desired glitch effect.

The Static Glitch Transition empowers you to infuse your videos with an electrifying and visually captivating transition. Its glitchy and distorted aesthetic brings an edgy and contemporary feel, making your video projects stand out with a burst of energy and uniqueness.

  1. Burn-In Transition

The Burn-In Transition is a scorching hot addition to your video editing arsenal. This transition effect brings the sensation of burning or melting elements to seamlessly transition between clips or scenes, adding a touch of intensity and drama.

The Burn-In Transition template, available for free download, allows you to import it into your After Effects project and customize it to suit your needs. Adjust the parameters such as duration, color, and intensity to create the perfect burning effect that aligns with your video’s style and narrative.

The Burn-In Transition from Mixkit is an ideal choice for listicle-style videos. Its burning effect adds excitement, grabs attention, and enhances the visual impact of transitions between different list items or topics. 

  1. Modern Fast Promo

Elevate your video projects with the Free Modern Fast Promo transition from MotionArray. This transition offers a sleek and contemporary style that adds a sense of speed and momentum to your promotional videos or fast-paced content.

The Free Modern Fast Promo template, available for download on MotionArray.com, empowers you to create visually engaging transitions in After Effects. With its modern design elements and dynamic animations, this transition captivates viewers and keeps them hooked.

As a versatile and attention-grabbing transition, the Free Modern Fast Promo is ideal for various video formats, including promotional videos, social media content, and event highlights. It provides a visually stunning way to transition between different scenes or highlight key information.

  1. Cinematic 80s Style 

The Cinematic 80’s Style transition takes you on a nostalgic journey back to the iconic aesthetics of the 1980s. This transition offers a vintage and retro vibe, perfect for adding a touch of nostalgia and flair to your video projects.

With the Cinematic 80’s Style template, available for download on MotionArray.com, you can easily create stunning transitions in After Effects. The cinematic transition features vibrant colors, glitch effects, and retro-inspired graphics that transport viewers back to the era of neon lights and synth music.

This transition is particularly well-suited for various video projects, such as music videos, intros, and title sequences, where you want to evoke a nostalgic or vintage ambiance. It allows you to seamlessly transition between scenes while immersing your audience in the captivating visuals of the 80s.

  1. Light Rays Logo Reveal

The Light Rays Logo Reveal is a fascinating transition available for download, designed to add a touch of magic and radiance to your logo presentations. With mesmerizing light rays gracefully unveiling your logo, this transition creates a memorable and sophisticated visual effect.

Customize the template to match your brand’s style, adjusting parameters like colors, duration, and particle effects. Whether it’s an intro, outro, or branding video, the Light Rays Logo Reveal enhances the overall impact and leaves a lasting impression on your audience.

  1. Digital Film Strip 

The Digital Film Strip transition is a unique and visually captivating effect that adds a nostalgic touch to your video projects. This transition replicates the appearance of a film strip, bringing a vintage and cinematic feel to your footage.

With the Digital Film Strip template, you can easily apply this transition in After Effects. Customize various aspects, such as the number of film frames, colors, and overall style, to achieve the desired look and atmosphere for your project.

Ideal for storytelling, documentary-style videos, teen movies, or any content aiming to evoke nostalgia or pay homage to classic film aesthetics, the Digital Film Strip transition offers a creative way to transition between scenes or highlight important moments in your storytelling.

  1. Splitter Slide

The Splitter Slide template is a dynamic and visually engaging transition that adds a unique touch to your video projects. This transition creates a split-screen effect, where multiple video or image layers slide apart to reveal the next scene or content.

With the Splitter Slide template, you can easily incorporate this transition into your After Effects projects. Customize various aspects such as the number of splits, direction, speed, and overall style to match your desired aesthetic.

The Splitter Slide transition is perfect for creating dynamic scene transitions, showcasing comparisons, or adding a modern and energetic visual element to your videos. It’s particularly effective for presentations, promotional videos, and multimedia content that requires an eye-catching and engaging transition.

To integrate the Splitter Slide transition into your workflow, download the template and follow the provided instructions. With its user-friendly interface, you can easily customize the transition to fit your specific project requirements.

  1. Minimal Estate Promo

The Free Minimal Estate Promo template is a stylish and professional After Effects template designed specifically for promoting real estate properties. It provides a minimalistic and elegant approach to showcasing properties and attracting potential buyers.

With the Free Minimal Estate Promo template, you can easily create visually appealing promotional videos for real estate listings. The template features clean and modern design elements, including smooth transitions, animated text, and image placeholders that allow you to highlight key features and details of the properties.

Customize the template to match your branding and specific property requirements. Adjust colors, fonts, and images to create a cohesive and personalized promotional video that represents your real estate business.

  1. Mosiac Transition

The Mosaic Transitions template features a mosaic-like effect where video clips or images seamlessly transition into one another. With the Mosaic Transitions template, you can easily add professional-looking transitions to your video projects. It offers a wide variety of mosaic patterns and styles, allowing you to customize the look and feel of your transitions. Whether you’re working on a corporate video, a creative project, or a social media post, these transitions can add a unique and eye-catching element to your visuals.

The Mosaic Transitions template is suitable for both beginners and experienced users. It provides a user-friendly interface and comes with detailed documentation, making it easy to apply and customize the transitions to fit your specific needs. Simply drag and drop the transitions onto your timeline, adjust the settings, and you’re ready to go.

These mosaic transitions can enhance the overall flow and aesthetic of your videos. They can be used to create seamless cuts, reveal new scenes, or add a dynamic and modern touch to your visual storytelling. The possibilities are endless, and you can experiment with different combinations and variations to achieve the desired effect.

  1. NFT Transition

With the NFT Transition template, you can easily incorporate these eye-catching transitions into your video projects. It provides a range of customizable options, allowing you to adjust parameters such as colors, timing, and style to match your desired aesthetic and project requirements.

The NFT Transition template is suitable for various video genres, including technology, gaming, fashion, and more. It adds a dynamic and futuristic element to your videos, making it ideal for intros, presentations, or any content that requires a visually engaging transition effect. These NFT transitions can bring a fresh and modern look to your videos, creating seamless and captivating transitions between scenes. They add a touch of creativity and enhance the overall visual impact of your content.

In summary, the NFT Transition template offers a range of visually striking and futuristic transitions for your video projects. With its customizable options, you can easily create dynamic and engaging transitions.

  1. Handdrawn Transition

This template brings a unique and organic feel to your visuals as if the transitions were drawn by hand.

With the Drawn Transition template, you can easily incorporate these hand-drawn transitions into your video projects. The template provides a variety of customizable options, including different brush styles, stroke animations, and timing settings, allowing you to create transitions that suit your desired aesthetic and project needs.

The Drawn Transition template is perfect for adding a creative touch to various video genres, such as animations, explainer videos, vlogs, and more. It allows you to seamlessly transition between scenes or elements in a visually engaging and captivating way.

To use the Drawn Transition template, download it from the provided link and import it into After Effects. From there, you can customize the settings, apply the transitions to your video clips or images, and adjust the timing and appearance as desired. The template includes detailed instructions to guide you through the process.

  1. Wood Transition

The Transition Wood template is a visually captivating After Effects template that allows you to add a natural and rustic wood transition effect to your videos. This template brings a warm and organic feel to your visuals as if the scenes are seamlessly connected through wooden elements.

The template provides customizable options, allowing you to adjust parameters such as colors, wood textures, and timing to match your desired aesthetic and project requirements. The Transition Wood template is ideal for various video genres, including travel, lifestyle, nature, and more. It adds a unique and visually appealing element to your videos, making it suitable for intros, transitions between scenes, or any content that requires a natural and earthy transition effect.

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How to Apply After Effects Transition Presets?

Drop your playhead to the point where you want the transition to begin on your Timeline. Go to the Effects and Presets panel and search for the transition preset you want to apply 

What Are After Effects Presets?

After Effects presets are pre-configured settings or effects that can be applied to a layer or composition in Adobe After Effects to achieve specific visual or animation styles with ease.


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