How to Add Shapes on Premiere Pro in 2023 (3 Easy Steps!)

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How to Add Shapes on Premiere Pro in 2023 (3 Easy Steps!)

We’re all well aware of the importance of Premiere Pro in the post-production universe. It’s one of the biggest video editing softwares out there and is a part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud. We have all started with adding shapes with the most basic of softwares like Microsoft Paint or Word or even a Powerpoint Presentation.

When you add a shape or graphic to your work, you provide it with a je ne sais quoi quality. This captures the attention of your viewers and makes your content more engaging. Here we will learn how to add a shape to your video on Premiere Pro, how to add a shape to your title as well to answer some frequently asked questions related to shapes and Premiere Pro.

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How to Create a Shape on Premiere Pro?

Step 1: Select the Shape Tool

To locate the shape tool you need to first go to the Graphics workspace. There are two ways to do this:

How to Add Shapes on Premiere Pro in 2022 (3 Easy Steps!)
Locate Shape Tools
  • Click Graphics in the workspace bar at the top of the screen.
  • Or Window > Workspace > Graphics Panel

Step 2: Create a Shape

Select the shape tool and use the Pen, Ellipse, Rectangle, or Polygon tools to create a shape or paths on Premiere Pro. When you add shapes in Premiere Pro it automatically creates a graphic space for you on your timeline.

How to Add Shapes on Premiere Pro in 2022 (3 Easy Steps!)
Create a Shape

You can choose to fill your shape in or leave it unfilled. Changes of this kind and adjustments can be made on your graphics panel.

Step 3: Transform the Shape

  • To transform your shape click and hold the Rectangle tool to view the Polygon and Ellipse tools.
  • Select one of the shape tools and drag and drop it on your image. This draws your shape.
  • The Panel, Essential Graphics can help you change strokes as well.

Pro Tip:

Apart from the Essential Graphics Panel, You can also use the editing bar in the Fx control panel to make the above changes. Click anywhere on the timeline to deselect the first graphics clip so that the next shape has its own graphics clip.

Create Shapes for Titles on Adobe Premiere

Step 1: Double click on the title in the Expert View timeline panel of your video clips to open it in the Monitor Panel on Adobe Premiere Pro.

Step 2: Select a shape tool in the Monitor Panel to insert shapes on your Title text.

How to Add Shapes on Premiere Pro in 2022 (3 Easy Steps!)
Create Shapes in your Title

Step 3: Do any of the following:

  • Alt- Drag to draw from the center of the shape
  • Shift-Drag to constrain the aspect ratio
  • Shift-Alt-Drag to do both steps mentioned above
  • Drag across, down, and up to flip vertically or horizontally as you create
  • Drag diagonally across using the corners to flip your illustration and effects as you draw

Other Adobe Premiere Pro FAQs

Can you feather a Shape on Premiere Pro?

The simple answer is yes, you can. Here’s how to feather a shape on Adobe Premiere Pro. Adjust the radius of the shape. To Blur go to the filter panel and click on the Blur Icon in the panel. Voila, you have achieved Feathering.

How to Add Shapes on Premiere Pro in 2022 (3 Easy Steps!)
A Feathered Shape

How do I export my video on Premiere Pro?

Once you’re done importing your clips and you finish editing. Your next step is to export your video masterpiece. If this essential process stumps you a little bit. We’ve got you covered. Check out How to export videos from Adobe.

How do I edit text on Premiere Pro?

Adding text to your clips is important, as text keeps your audience engaged. You can add titles, and lower thirds using mogrt. This is a motion graphics template. Here’s our advice on that and more: How to Edit Text on Premiere Pro.

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