Where does DaVinci Resolve Save Projects? (2024 Update)

Zacharia S
Zacharia S

25 Jan 2024

3 min read

Where does DaVinci Resolve Save Projects? (2024 Update)


When you’re new to any software figuring out where work you’ve done gets stored can be annoying. Blackmagic’s DaVinci Resolve’s method of storage can be frustrating too. When you try to “Save As” your project on DaVinci Resolve Free or Resolve Studio all you’d expect is for it to ask you what you want your destination folder to be.

On Blackmagic’s DaVinci Resolve directly choosing your destination folder is not an option. We have 4 steps you can take to quickly locate your project files on your system. Before we get to the finding project files part let’s first answer…


Where does DaVinci Resolve save Media?

Where you save your source media is up to you. The directory is the location of your liking. If you’re using an internal SSD, try saving your media files on there for better post-production speeds.

Where Does DaVinci Resolve store Cache Files and Optimized Media?

Resolve stores your optimized media/ cache files in the first disk you’ve defined in the DaVinci Resolve > Preferences> System> Media Storage option. The cached files include your optimized media and rendered cache media.

Where does DaVinci Resolve save Projects? (2022 Update)
Resolve Cache Location

You can also view this folder by going to the bottom right-hand corner and clicking on “Project Settings > Master Settings > Working Folders.

Does DaVinci Resolve Save Proxy Files? If yes, Where?

Access to Proxy files that have been saved can be pretty easy. You can access them by clicking on the “Browse” button against “Proxy Generation Location”.

Where does DaVinci Resolve save Projects? (2022 Update)
Proxy Generation Location

This can also be found under “Project Settings” > Master Settings > Working Folders > Proxy Generation Location.

How to Find your Project Files on DaVinci Resolve

  1. Click on the “Project Manager Icon
  2. Click on “Show/Hide Database and Right-Click
  3. Find “Local Database” and Right-Click
  4. Click on “Open File Location

When you click on “Open File Location” you’ll get the path file path based on your operating system.

  • Windows: “C:/Users/ {your username}/ App Data/ Roaming/ Blackmagic Design/ DaVinci Resolve/ Support/ Resolve Disk Database
  • Mac: “Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/ Blackmagic Design/ DaVinci Resolve Database

Typically your Project Path on DaVinci Resolve will be “Resolve Projects/Users/Guest/ Projects

On Resolve when you click on “File> Save Project As: C:/Users/ {your username}/ App Data/ Roaming/ Blackmagic Design/ DaVinci Resolve/ Support/ Resolve Disk Database/ Resolve Projects/Users/Guest/ Projects


DaVinci Resolve uses a database for projects and they are generally stored on the system drive. You can export a project to any other drive or set up your default database storage to be where you like. If you’re looking for more DaVinci Resolve tutorials, head over to our postudio blog.

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