MKV Not Supported in Premiere Pro? (3 Fixes That Work in 2024!)

Zacharia S
Zacharia S

25 Jan 2024

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MKV Not Supported in Premiere Pro? (3 Fixes That Work in 2024!)


Imagine this, you’re a video editor set out to get some edits done. You’re using Premiere Pro, one of the best video editing softwares out there… What’s this you’ve encountered? You’ve received clips as MKV files! As an editor you know that Adobe Premiere does not support the MKV file format. You try to import anyway and it shows you the pop-up error ‘file import failure.’ So…what do you do, do you give up for the day, do you give up for life? Nope, you search for a solution. You find us and we definitely have the solution for you. Here’s how to import MKV files on Premiere Pro.

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What is an MKV file?

An MKV file is a “Matroska Video file” that was created in Russia in 2002. This is a file kind that isn’t an audio or video file. The MKV file includes multiple different file formats. These were designed to weather the changes of advancement in technology.

These files could contain multimedia files like H.264, MP4, MP3 or WMV. In 2010 there were a lot of changes and improvements made to the Matroska video file type. There are reasons why MKV files are still widely used by the people of the world.

Some of these reasons and features are as follows:

  • Compatible with streaming
  • Supports both soft coded, hard-coded subtitles
  • Supports Metadata
  • Allows Error Recovery
  • Fast Seeking
  • Audio and Video streams that are selectable

While all these reasons are pretty legit, the problem video editors face with MKV files is that you can’t perform an MKV import on Premiere Pro.

Does Premiere Pro Support MKV?

No, Adobe removed MKV support with the Adobe Premiere CC 2019 13.1 release.

How to use MKV files on Premiere Pro ?

Step 1: Recognize that you can’t import MKV files into Premiere Pro without converting them

Step 2: When you’re wondering how to convert MKV format, select one of the free converter softwares listed below to convert files.

Step 3: Download and Save the newly converted file into a Adobe Premiere Pro supported file format

The final step is to work on your new project and share your editing prowess with the world.

What are the best free softwares to convert MKV?

Here are three great options for free converters. These converters have a lot of amazing features, but today we will focus on the MKV converter function. They can have you ready to edit on Adobe Premiere Pro in just a few minutes, with how quickly they can convert your files.

1. VLC Media Player

VLC is an open-source video player that lets you view and play all codecs and formats. It runs on all the major platforms, like Windows, Mac, Linux etc. You can find it online to download for free directly from your browser window.

VLC media player has an internal converter that you can use to convert your MKV file to a Premiere Pro savvy format.

To convert on VLC media player:

  • Go to media and click on Convert/ Save
  • Click on “Open Media” Go to the file tab and in the first section add the mkv file you want to convert
  • Choose the profile format type, VLC has a default package of profiles with audio and video formats
  • Click on Convert/ Save and specify the destination folder with the video file name.
  • Click start to proceed with the conversion. Once finished you’ll see the output file in your desired format.
Convert MKV Files on VLC

2. Wondershare

Wondershare as a company has been doing pretty amazing things. It has a video converter that is free and extremely user-friendly.

You can convert a batch of MKV files which is super convenient. The converter can help you convert to HD, MPG, mp4 and so much more.

All you need to do to use this amazing converter is to install it with a simple click onto your mac or PC. It’s great to have on your system in case you find yourself in constant need to convert files. It’s the perfect fit for Youtubers and Vloggers because of its speed and efficacy.

MKV Not Supported in Premiere Pro? (3 Fixes That Work in 2022!)
Credit: Wondershare

3. is an easy-to-use and quick online video conversion tool. Additionally, videos are deleted from their servers after 2 hours and are safeguarded by 256-bit SSL encryption, making them entirely secure. can help you convert some of the more esoteric file types by supporting over 60 major file formats for import, including MKV. Just be aware that the application has a 1 GB file size limit.

MKV Not Supported in Premiere Pro? (3 Fixes That Work in 2022!)
Credit: Freeconvert

While there are plenty more video converters out there, we chose to highlight these three. Premiere Pro is a great video editing software. You can’t let something as small as format that isn’t supported get in your way.


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